Whom to use 5 star power ups on?

I dont have brendon. Wanted to use it on him but dint pull him even after some 25 pulls when he was avilable for 2 % offering rate. I have lyconroc and feraligator. Whom should i use my power ups on . Lyconroc or feraligator which is better? Or should i save it for the future?

Lycanroc is probably the better one, due to

  • Being self-sufficient with Amped Up accelerating the move gauge
  • Being able to fix Stone Edge’s bad accuracy with Hard as Diamonds
    Feraligatr, as the tier list explains, does have high power moves, but
  • Only has temporary Sure Hits, leaving its utility unstable later in game
  • Only temporary Sure Crits like mentioned above
  • Mega Kick has quite low accuracy
  • Worst of all, tankiness may cause it to not work well with 1x Striker and 2x Support team builds.
    So yep, go for Lycanroc.

Thank you