Whomst is the better fire emblem seconndary antagonist?

for yu who is the better secundary antagonist of the games

That´s obviously that I don´t put all the secundary antagonist but there are all that I remeber

Obviously Black Knight. All the others are no match—



That’s true jaja


Gotta love Oliver, he has that thicc defence that you can literally see.
As you can tell, i’ve never played RD/PoR…



I´m sorry I forgot him


You just put three of my fav characters in one poll

Why is Ursula here? She was relevant for like two chapters before she got killed off.

I think a better choice for Blazing Blade would have been Sonia or another one of the Morphs.

I voted for Valter though. I think he was a well-written psychopath and it felt really satisfying to take him down.


Valter or BK, but imma give it to BK because I haven’t played SS in a hot minute

Where is my Berkut! !! He is the best character in all echoes, change my mind


Nothing but facts, facts facts FACTS


Why is Oliver so high? :(

I don’t put him because that’s obviusly that he would win with difference

I’m not sure, BK is cool too, but berkut is superior tbh

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For me, the Black Knight was probably the coolest and most memorable character out of most of the Fire Emblem games. I still remember his music to this day, Greil dying, and how vulnerable you feel when you’re on the battlefield. I also liked the fact that defeating him in battle was optional. And of course, I loved the whole history between the character’s and the hidden identity that spanned 2 entire games. He was just freaking cool.


The dark knight is excellent but he can’t with Berkut, everyone remember “the Scions dance on the purgatory”

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I can’t say BK is because i Haven’t played RD completly and DK is…well he’s not of my favourites. But Berkut is cool and Walhart as well.

I said this again, I only put here the antagonists that I REMEMBER

Berkut is a exception because he shall win this with extreme difference