Who's better? Abigail or Hokusai?

I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but here goes.
Now that i’m almost out of Quartz thanks to the summer event (got 4 of the 7 servants with Beach Buff active) i’m now down to 40 SQ, but I want to start saving up again and my current targets to throw all the Quartz i’ll be able to save up by that point are Ereshkigal, Abigail and Hokusai.
I will attempt all 3, but I want to know who I should throw more Quartz at, Abigail or Hokusai?
Waifu-wise (and also aesthetics-wise) I want Hokusai, but gameplay-wise I don’t know who is the better of the two.
My end target is to have a Foreigner without waiting for the next summer event (Mysterious Heroine XX)

Also, I don’t know if it’s important, but I still haven’t collected the Quartz given for completing singularities, so I still have 80 SQ in the bank, just in case. Should I break them out and use them on one of the two?

Hokusai is technically the superior in gameplay—but you really need the proper supports for her.

Check out Ka Ga’s videos on YouTube—he popularized the Hokusai sweeps in JP. Like this one:

Abby’s buff removal is nice and she’s a decent enough boss killer, but her awful AP gain really holds her back. You pretty much need Merlin + Tamamo to get her NP off consistently.

Hokusai’s NP deal 50% extra damage to humans, it’s basically Gilgamesh bs on Arts form.

Abigail is okay.

On the one hand, i do not like the design and attacks of Hokusai (Amazing how i absolutely love instead her saber version).

On the other hand, in my country and in my culture Abigail is Pedopornography material.

So… Hokusai is better, because at least she is not a seminaked child like Abigail in her late sprites.


For a foreigner i would wait for MHXX

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I’m partial to Abby but even with her issues she is great at wrecking Berserkers.
Her skills help in stalling and controlling the battle while Hokusai is a bit more selfish.
The long CD’s and her Np gain (despite the triple arts deck) holds Abby back so she requires support.
A Mash and Merlin makes a for a durable team.

I haven’t used Hokusai much due to my lack of arts support but AoE arts are always nice.
Hmm. I had forgotten that Hokusai had a battery.

Can’t say I like the design of either of them. Gundam Girl is far more fun.

Hokusai. Hokusai kinda works like Arts Gil in stats. They’re good at charging up their NP gauges and shooting off a strong NP that deals extra damage to a significant portion of the servants in the game. Of course, Hokusai mostly shines in solo Challenge Quests with many enemies, but honestly you’re fine without it. Slap them on an Arts team and have fun.

I’m gonna attempt Heroine XX. I just don’t want to wait that long for a Foreigner.
And yeah, saber Hokusai looks sick.
Also I have a couple of questions about what you said about Abigail… But i’m not sure if I want to get into that…

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I like to discuss.
But i strongly suggest you to keep it private like for example private messages, because else i forecast flags and moderator actions. Dangerous subjects and heavily off topic, you know.


Hokusai is the better dps, but Abigail is stronger at boss killing. From what I’ve seen Hokusai is more consistent, but at the end of the day it’s who you personally like more.

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If you already like Hokusai better, then roll for her.

Hokusai is AOE, Abigail is ST. Technically Abigail is better berserker boss killer, but her NP gain is worse, and her skillset pales compared to Hokusai amazing kit.

Also, MHXX is also ST, if you want more versatility (like an AOE Foreigner for multi-zercs, other ST, for bosses with big amounts of HP/break bars), just try to grab Hokusai now, and roll on the Summer 3 banner when MHXX and Summer BB are the only ones on rate up.


I’d say it’s harder to find a team for Abi compared to Hokusai.
Put anyone who can buff arts, attack, NP, etc. with Hokusai and you’re all set. It won’t be as devastating, but even with less than optimal teams Hokusai can hold her own.

On the other hand, for Abi you want someone who can help with her awful NP gain (at least 2-3 arts cards), buff her buster card, and cover for her when Abi’s skills are on cd, and help her survive since she has no dodge/invi. It becomes even more restrictive if you want someone who can take full advantage of Abi’s NP dmg buff.

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You know you can just keep her in her default sprite and Saint Graph, right? That’s what I’ll do if I get Abigail.


Merlin is a great support for Servants with a 3 Arts spread and Buster NP. Plenty of opportunities for Arts chains, and Merlin can buff the Buster NP with his third skill. His first skill can also help with raising Abigail’s NP faster. I think an Abigail + Merlin + Mash team would be ideal for Berserker boss takedowns.

BB would also be good support for Arts chains and her NP’s overcharge. That would go a long way toward improving Abigail’s spammability.


That’s why I said Merlin + Tamamo!

Honestly, I see Abby used more as a semi-support for her teamwide charge + NP strength up than as a DPS. Give her a Poster Girl, pop the skills, and let her die.

I don’t have Tamamo and rarely use her off my Friend list, so she isn’t exactly the first support that comes to mind for me. :X But yeah, she’d obviously be a step up over BB.

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Doesn’t matter… Not like pouring all you’re hard earned sq’s gonna net either hokusai or abby… :(

I hate this game. I hate how its shaping me… GIVE ME PATRA OR ELSE!!!


I think this thread can help you:

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Reviving ths thread only to give my humble 2 cents on the discussion (and by the way, tomorrow is Hokusai rolling day. People will surely talk about her and compare her with Abigail, afterall).

Look at these 2 random video i found. Surely, Hokusai can NP loop. But Abigail feels more like a boss killer that Hokusai. Greater damage and ST NP.

But then again, you know these things more than me. Personally, i will Yolo 60 SQZ on Hokusai because i need a art foreigner for my art team and DW was generous and gave us those 30 SQZ for part 2 prologue (else i would have yoloed only 30 sqz) , but i prefer much more Abigail.