Who's better?

I know they preform slightly different roles as an axe armor, but who would you rate higher for general use?

  • LA!Hector
  • L!Hector
  • Don’t use Hector

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Legendary Hector is ridiculous.
He denys follow-ups with Thunder Armads, making him very hard to ORKO. Plus, Vengeful Fighter allows him to kill easily right after that. Great enemy phase unit. Not as good on player phase though.
LA Hector is more of a player phase armor. You can put wrath on him to get instant +20 Moonbows every turn. Great at player phase, but dies easier on enemy phase without Wary Fighter.
As armors are mostly enemy phase units, I would recommend Legendary Hector for more general use. Plus Ostia’s Pulse is very useful in mixed teams.


Believe it or not but since day one, since the game out, I never pulled a single OG hector or other Hectors variant so I have no idea what’s feel like to use a Hector. :upside_down_face:

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I don’t really use armors that much. However, I use a +1,+Res LHector in AA. He has slightly higher Atk and Res, may accelerate special cooldowns with Ostia’s Pulse (mixed teams), and provides bonuses (HP+Atk) during Fire season.

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