Who's having Priam for dinner?

Hey friends! Please @_Help_Me decide,

I just summoned one Priam who has little value to me since he’s -SPD plus I already have a maxed YenFay. I’m debating what to do with his fodder which was:

[Atk/Def Ideal 4 + NFU + Rouse Spd/Def 4]

The receptor has to be an infantry unit as most armors are busy saving somebody else. Left picture is their current builds.

  • OPTION 1: Boey
  • OPTION 2: Jorge
  • OPTION 3: Nino
  • OPTION 4: Marth
  • OPTION 5: OTHER (Please explain who)

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First option would be my angry boy Boey. I love his artwork and his niche to counter blue & colorless melee units. He sucks at tanking magic and dragons tho. He used to be part of my arena core but I swapped him for Cecilia with the better movility and flying effectiveness. This new build on the right picture would help him improve his niche ability.

Effective 61 DEF, 47 SPD

Second option would be tanky boy Jorge. I currently have him built for AR-D with an insta Deadeye. I really like Time’s pulse on him so the skill inheritance would be the Ideal + NFU. Problem is I don’t know how useful NFU would be at 33 SPD… He would become really tanky tho with an effective 56 DEF (incl. weapon effect)

My Nino hasn’t left the basement since 2019. Probably because back in the day I chose a SPD boon over ATK by mistake and she isn’t fully flowered. With the rouse skill she could breathe again. Problem is the new build is a bit of a hodge podge AND I don’t think she’s the best unit to be solo to activate the rouse. She would be used in AR and PVE.

(When fully flowered) Effective 50 DEF (Wow) and I’m unable to calc her Atk with all the double ups.

Mini Marth was for a long time my spoiled boy and had pretty much all the fodder he wanted. Once he couldn’t max score in arena without the Duel skill he kinda fell of my teams and YenFay just pushed him out of the boat.
With the new build he could be supported by a far save armor and tank for his life in AR. I don’t like the buff overlap between his special and the rouse but he would make great use of NFU with his high speed.

Effective 73 ATK, 64 SPD, 62 DEF.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Pictures might be a bit too small on mobile. Sorry about that. :feh_ikecry:


I’m just gonna start the ball by @ing @_Help_Me since I’m not sure who to pick


I’d give the fodder to Boey, simply because he comes with built-in CC freeing up his A slot for some extra stats and he has colorless effectiveness which is always handy.
Am I biased here because of SoV? Certainly!

Besides that, a well built sturdy Nino will definitely wreck havoc on many teams :feh_ardenwoke: Although for that purpose I’d rather give her either Close Reversal or Bonus Doubler.


I confess I have a sweet spot for Boey and can’t wait for him to get a resplendent. :feh_faedance:




I was going to say another unit but after seeing the builds, I would say that Boey or Marth are really good choices for the skills, Jorge lacks the spd to make good use of NFU


I was about to say wait for Atk/Def Ideal 3 to be on a demote, but Scáthach has that now :feh_royyes:

My vote goes to Boey which reminds me, I should finish merging mine when I get the chance and the feathers


Sorry I’ve been a bit busy to update this.

I ended up giving it to Boey and I have to say I regret it a little bit.
He’s a unit that has some very good match ups but some REALLY bad ones…

Basically he’s a dagger, bow, lance, axe slayer but a really bad unit against anything else (magic, staff, dragons, swords…)

He’s unable to shine on arena with this build as he needs to run the duel skill and he’s not useful at all in AR so his only use is on PVE and maybe SD (but I don’t play that).

Anyways at least I’m proud of him as I really like the character (resplendant one day?)

Thank you all for your input


Nice one! He may not be the best but it’s always satisfying to treat favorites

Would love to see of resplendent of him and Mae. Or even better, a duo. Not all that likely but then again, we finally got male lords in a summer banner so who knows?