Who's never done a Legendary raid? Can we help change this?

As someone who spent the first 18 months playing the game with no raid community, just me and my partner, I know the frustration of the unattainable T5 raid. Now, with an active raid group, this is no problem.

So, are you a solo/rural/socially anxious player who still can’t get to/gather enough people to take down a legendary? More importantly, can those of us who can do them help give you access to this part of the game?

With news that remote invite raids are delayed, maybe for a month or more, I thought about using this month proactively. It’s likely some degree of friend level will be needed to remote invite friends.

I’m a UK based player, our raids are never full but usually have between 5-10 people, meaning there are maybe 10 free slots even on raid hour. Meaning anyone roughly aligned with GMT could join via remote invite.

So, no longer can we simply advise people to “try local discord” or search Facebook, but we can actively help. I’d be happy to friend say, 5-10 players who otherwise can’t access legendary raids. Coordination could be arranged by messenger, email, private chat etc…

If we all did this, we could help so many more people get fuller access to the game. How about it?

I am in the same position and am also in the UK (Reading).
I was able to do a legendary (Verizion) raid once because I was at a Pokemon TCG event and it got announced over the PA system that it showed up during a break. Being the type of event, several people jumped into the lobby.
But, apart from that, I have to solo all raids (which means I am really limited on the ones I can do)

I’m at the other side. I live in a very low populated area, and we barely raid, almost never t5. I’m finding the way to do some t3 on my own and that’s it.

So I love your idea. :slight_smile:

Should we add the friend code here or…?

Perhaps it would be best to share your friends code via private message if you do not want evrybody to become your friend…

Also keep in mind that only 5 people can enter a remote lobby… the rest needs to be at the site/gym. So although this is a great idea it also relies on the ones at the raid because you can expect the ones here to not having the optimal teams (yet), and in the future the remote trainers will do less damage, so more trainers will be needed at the gym to be able to take down the boss.

If there’s anyone UK/GMT (or similar time zone) based then maybe PM me your code.

I’ve got a strong account and a passable alt so even allowing for no other on-the-spot raiders, there’s very little we couldn’t take down.

As has been said above there’s a limit on remote raiders hence why I suggested 5-10 max per person. Probably for the wider community, some sort of dedicated thread or database with locations/zones on would help?

It would be good if everyone could use the friendcode sticky thread, but by all means make a special note that you are hoping to find raid partners, either as the solo or as the welcoming group.

This is a great idea, and I hope it helps out many.

That sounds interesting. I did 7 legendary raids when all Deoxys forms where available. All of them Attack form solos, of course.

In case those remote invites go live and work like anticipated, I would definitely be interested in joinig a welcoming group. I won’t be able to do too many raids, as I usually don’t spend money on the game and remote raid passes need to be purchased, but it would get me dex entries of legendaries I normally could not get. Maybe, if it is fun, I might start buying passes regularly to do more.

My raid teams are pretty lackluster, since I didn’t need to have the best of the best for tier 3 and occasional tier 4 solos. But I have the resources to invest, not in legendaries, but teams that should pull their weight. Depending on how big the damage reduction for remote raiders turns out, though.
The way of communication will be an interesting aspect, as i don’t have a facebook account. But it should be possible to figure something out.

I’m from Austria, so GMT +1. I’ll leave my friend code in the friendcode thread, maybe I manage to link it here.

At the moment I have 121 (remote) friends, so I’m mostly interested in remote raiding partners. Otherwise I’m happy with the amount of gifting I’m doing currently, so getting too many random new friends is not be what I’m hoping for.

I hope this works out.

One thing Niantic needs to do is get rid of this “private-group raid” feature for non-remote raiders or charge extra for it. Because as it stands now, it is entirely abused by clowns who live close to the gym. I spend over an hour trying to take the gym because they have 4 accounts and use the usual glitches to add Pokemon while I’m still battling, etc. And then I think oh, well at least I can hop in on the Legendary raid while I’m here battling, but NOPE, this jerk uses a private group. So now I have wasted nearly two hours, a raid pass, and 2310928347 revives + 10294g2134 potions, and I’m in a foul mood, all because of this toxic cheater. So if this sort of disgusting behavior is going to be permissible then Niantic needs to start charging for it. There is no reason for this feature outside of major events.

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Swindon here…

We have a large pokemon community throughout and a lot of players make the most of Facebook or Discord to arrange raids (not just raid hour), but I know Oxford is as bad as you say you have it.

I think the problem is being in cities. Even though there are a lot more Pokéstops and Gyms there’s no real central hub for the majority of players to meet at.

The flip side of the coin is that a lot of these Tier 5 raids can be done pretty easily with just 3 reasonable players, and a lot of players don’t want to take the risk of losing a free raid pass to try it.

There’s also a lot more players who are independent and just check raids to see if anyone is doing them before jumping in. While at work tonight I had my 2 accounts and another who was lvl 33 wanting to do a Zakrom raid, but I already knew we couldn’t do it without at least one more player so I bated the Gym by using my free pass on both accounts. Low and behold, a level 29 and 20 join in and that extra damage gave us the easy win.

And how do you know that person used a private group? It could also be that that person didn’t want to play another Zekrom today…

Defending gyms is just as much a part of the game as attacking them. But if they are feeding the gym and you are alone to attack it just keep attacking the first Pokemon. You can keep using a super effective Pokémon so the damage they do to you is minimal and the damage you do to their first Pokemon is maximal… so keeep attacking that first Pokemon without ever going to the second Pokémon.

I’ve done two legendary raids ever – both were Heatran, and both times Heatran ran away,

All my legendaries are from research breakthroughs – the best of which is a 97% 1500CP Registeel for Great League

Feel free to drop me a message to ask for my friend code.
My legendaries have come from Research Breakthroughs and I’d dearly love to be able to start completing more of my 'dex through raids