So as Nerofest closer to it’s end LET ME SAY THIS!

we’re two days closer to merlin banner 7m downloads campaign!

Plus a free sr ticket waiting and pick your favourite 4 stars
My recommendation of 4* Sabers

Any here can make your own Recommendations of servants that will cover

Saber- Saberlot A arts,critter saber! He covers your needs for strong st saber! Plus he’s a husbando material AND TOUSAN!(Mashu Plis don’t kill him)

Salter or Artoria Pendragon Alter- Goth Saber That covers your need for STRONGEST AOE SABER! even Np1 she hits like a overcharged railgun(Mentioning Her Excalibur Morgan which is supplemented by Unlimited mana)due to her Damage modifier plus she’s a glass cannon and needs cover from any good support and REMEMBER get her because she’s hard to get due to her status as story locked but she can spook you anytime ;-p during that banner

Nero Or UMU!- A strong soloist with Guts and Heal with atk up and def up and Off course mental debuff resist that will covers your need for Balenced saber with aoe NP off course plus she has a cute voice by Sakura Tange! (i have her already and she’s adorable!)

Suzuka Gozen- A hybrid of Saberlot and Salter she’s useful for Cqs and farming Plus she’s a Fox And waifuable!(Got her In 2nd account maxing her Will be my priority after Altria Pendragon Archer maxed)

Honorable mentions

Rama- Not good as Lancelot but fine pick her if your torn between these recommendations

Sieg kun- Good for opponents with dragon traits but have a low Attack and not durable enough during battlefields if you have him keep Him because he gets his Strengthening quest at 2 Next years! Well Just in mind

Gawain- Known As Harambe He have Unique niche Which his 1st buffs his attack and np Increased during on daylight area outside that sadly he’s kinda weak But don’t worry the sunlight charisma will work on non daylight For next 2 years so keep your Gawain for this

Have fun and Correct me if I’m wrong

And Recommending 4 stars that good enough!

Generous Tyrant James


For farming go with salter but try rolling first for merlin… Erm MAYBE MAYBE she will spook u. But i think saberlot is the best saber in the list coz your mashu need her ottosan!

Gonna pick Saberlot for Regular and offcourse Joke material It’s kinda funny because Mashu tends to be angry with him(well well Cute Kouhai with A mighty dad? Not a bad choice) My 2nd acc will have salter And Lastly third Gonna Pick Saberlot

Well I’ve decided my pick Saberlot or Dadcelot,I have Umu and ready to max her with full commitment then Saberlot will be the next

True tho salter will spook you And she’s a Monster against wave of lancers with off course With Merlin the buster Meme she’s a Unstoppable killing machine for CQs that have Lancers like Upcoming Lost belts with Valkyries

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Should I farm the lottery boxes (90+ already) or half-ap vault for QP?

I will get Gorgon cauz giant snake waifu.

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Are that materials in the boxes needed? If so farm the boxes. If not then doors.

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I know the artist just drew Atalante again, but c’mon.

Anyway, the big recs are either Lancelot, Lancer Alter, or Nito. Single-target with sustain/explosive farming, AoE with crits and perfect Merlin synergy, or farm harder.

Both of his skill and NP rank ups are released on NA so there isn’t a need to wait for them.
He might not be able to tank a NP but he is pretty durable and his dragon buff is easy to exploit…
Heh. You might want to want Honako’s nerofest CQ where he oneshotted Cu and Scathach.
No merlin, level 80 and NP2. He did use Shakespeare and Jalter for buffs and Georgius for the trait.

While I’m not using Gawain a lot he is actually pretty strong and there are people that use him to solo bosses or stages even prior to his buff.
The biggest problem as I see it is that he doesn’t excel in a team and his NP can be a bit weak, then again his buster chains with crits hit hard.

Nice one! Hope nito will spook me if I’m In camelot…(It’s just a Superstition tho) I heard nito is good at clearing assassins I have Nito Assassin

Well I just saying Honorable mentions That’s strong pick with Unique Niche and Not much optimal as their tier 1 Competetor

Salter Is good at farming but with right support she can outperform mostly aoe or st servants specially her Np damage modifier that Way too strong than her og version
(Don’t misunderstood why I put her for Recommendations she’s a farmer but with right supp she can rekt every waves of strong lancers)

I’m saying salter is good for farming
Larter is good Gonna use her to clear waves of archers and A critter(am I right?)

Watching runs are very satisfying to see especially if you’re A learner how to unleash their inner strengths

While I see sieg As good against dragon somewhat weak against humanoid but with I forget to mention georgios his np can change their opponents attributes to dragon so Sieg can easily rekt them Oh thanks for the Reminder for Strengthening quest just wait for Gawain buff 2 years Maxing Sieg is not bad option for upcoming runs or cqs

As for Gawain he’s solid by skills or Attack yes I tried Gawain his np gain are weak but not weak as no np gain Kerry and His crits hit hard for buster chain just need someone to NP charge his NP bar and Ce that Generates Stars like 2030 MLB

I see you’re a Man of Culture I love Snek also

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Currently trying some voodoo on the simulator, I’ll be pissed and disappoint if Avalon shut-in doesn’t answer these calls:

Depeche Mode - New Life


What’s Your Name

And, of course, Master & Servant

Not indicative of how he’ll be put through the motions at all, nooooo, never

As for the free ticket…I don’t really count on Atalante arriving from general pool as I roll for the Extremely Masculine™ wizard, so that ticket is for her.

I have a comic for this too

edit, that’s not linking for some reason


Please come home Merlin…! And also others, particularly some others!

Also as mentioned Siegfried already has all of his buffs, so he’s plenty capable of overpowering in his niche… and I’d call Suzuka Saber-like EMIYA… and Rama is a boy. A pretty boy, specifically, but a boy.

Was planning to get an NP upgrade for Saberlot but I picked up Umu Bride so I’m thinking another NP upgrade for Zerklot so I can min/max my way in the skadi era without a Dantes.

Good thinking I was thinking rama was boy where RL he’s a Indian God


A married man, at that. However, to be fair, he is voiced by miss Sawashiro Miyuki, and his girly looks have been pointed out above ^_-

80% sure will pick NP2 for Lartoria, 20% - Atlanta (as some may have already guessed) - she is last missing waifu from general pool for me, and she maybe at the bottom of my waifu list, but at least she made the cut. And gonna empty finally all those boxes for double success servant lvling, OH YEAH!!!

No worries Atalante will spook ya If ya at least whale around hundreds of sq but I don’t telling you to whale

Well if the gacha god with us then Luck’s with us(Just kidding)

“If you whale” is not a convincing starting point in arguing for anyone. :p

I think that’s the point here a Humble Indian god Voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki She also voiced The rebellious Sir Mordred

I do have Mordred at JP seriously she’s tsun although She holds grudges against Chichue Artoria (Means Father) I do love her And In NA I have her Swimsuit ver of of her