Who's That Pokemon?

Since my main series and anime experience is limited to Gens 1 and 2, my initial reaction was “it looks like Chikorita, but Chikorita has only one big leaf on its head”.

Then I realised that it could be Turtwig, but I have already caught many. Is it an evolution of Turtwig (I have yet to evolve mine)? Or is it one of the newly-released Gen 5 species?

insert a Jigglypuff viewed from above joke here

On a serious note, it’s a Turtwig. A bug got introduced to the game when they added Shadow Turtwig to the rocket grunt lineups that made them always show up in the wild as silhouettes, even if you’ve caught multiple before.

do you get the rewards of a new pokemon though cuz then its time to exploit it

You do not. It’s just a visual glitch.

The same thing was happening for me, but it also happened with Lapras. Had about 3 show up on my nearby as silhouettes (not all at the same time, but over the course of a day, three distinctly separate Lapras).

On a side note, how would one pluralize Lapras? Is it Laprasses, Lapri (doubtful because not -us ending), or is it like deer, moose, etc. and it works as both the singular and plural form? Where my English Majors/Grammar Nazis/Linguistics Pro’s at?! I need answers…

At least for the anime, the plural of pokemon is pokemon.

Plural of Lapras would simply be Lapras. I.e., “Today I caught multiple Lapras.”


A Chikorita bumped into a wall. The leaf on its head split into half. It Mega Evolved into Turtwig.

Look out for Shadow Lapras!

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I felt the same way back when raids were first introduced. The mon always showed up as a silhouette, even if you’ve caught the mon, even if you’ve completed the raid before. Stop trying to hide, magicarp, I know what you are