Who's the best Epic Seven waifu?

How can you drop a question like this and not have a poll?
Anyways-- answer is Aramintha, easy.

I only know one character (thanks to a certain someone) and that character is Aramintha. Creating a poll would’ve meant I would have to “research” the game.

So what’s the problem? Aramintha is the only character we need, 100% of the votes can go go to her.

I’m sure there’s better more waifus than Aramintha.

I’m sure there’s better more waifus than Aramintha.



(I think as a Myrrh fan you’d like the dragon girls like Luna or Yufine. Sadly they can’t transform into real dragons though)

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How dare me? How dare you?

You knew these two clearly better waifus exist and your answer was Aramintha?

Completely disappointed and now I have to do this

Who’s the best Epic Seven waifu, of all time?

  • Aramintha
  • Luna
  • Yufine

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Also, thank you for those picks. Truly blessed.

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Overwhelming majority has decided that Aramintha is not the best waifu.

Sorry, @kieramisu.


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Not to disrespect Aramintha, but for me Bellona is the best waifu.

Sorry boy but… tenebria is the only waifu…
The way she say “cute… I want to torment you” is simply divine

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Who needs waifus when you can have this perfect man

I should’ve made it more gender inclusive but I didn’t think there were male characters in Epic Seven

There’s quite a few males, but few are on the same level as Krau

Krau has no female equivalent cause he’s a knight king

Actually that’s a lie, I ranked two above him on here

I made a tiermaker so you, too, can make a Totally Objective Ranking of the desirability of fictional characters

Wait, what exactly am I looking at?

Are these all of the Epic 7 characters?

This is just the male ones, though the tiermaker does have the entire roster if you prefer waifus.

also seems I forgot Guider Aither but he’s underage anyways

What a handsome lad.

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He is the… Astolfo of this game, which is why I forgot his counterpart GUYther

I wonder how ML Charles is without him

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ML Charles is going to be a depressed old man