Who's to build next?

I’m so confuse who’s to build next, is there any suggestion from you guys

note :
i also have croissant,istina,glaucus,mayer and waai fu
for chen and saria, i just need lmd
nd sorry for my bad english

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Saria, Ch’en and Lappland are obviously the top priority.
Platinum Glaucus and Amiya are also good choices.
Amiya is a decent ST caster, does good against Patriot.
Platinum is a great sniper and useful on CC daily maps as well as Glaucus.

Where are your vanguards though?

Go for Lapland next after Chen and Saria. You might want to E1 Platinum first before working on Lapland.

i don’t have any 5 stars vanguard, and thanks for recommendation i’ll do it

I’d sugget you builds some vanguards tho…even if you don’t have higher rarity ones, a 4* vanguard called Mrytle is one of the best vanguard in the game. And you could totally invest on Vigna and Scavenger/courier(free), they are good on their own, especially vigna imo.
If i were you, i would diversefy my Elite 1 squad first before E2’ing a lot of operator. Having at least 1 Elite 1 operator for each class is much more cheaper and more efficient than having 1/2 E2.
Alot of the operators on the screen is worth to invest to, except for hung(Saria is way more than enough, even gummy would suffice). but if you like the operator, there’s no reason not to use them.

have to agree with Ecline myrtel is really great vanguard and will give u tons of DP (as she is 4* unit E2 and even M3 her is not as expencive)
haveing of each class a E1 is also great advice (mainly sniper caster defender and guard … the other classes like specialist/supports can be considerd “fillers” its nice to have a slowing support to give your team more time to kill blocked units but its not always needed and some units like pushers/pullers do already the work at E0)

also what u could/should do if u are a free player look at some units base (RIIC) skills i know that atm its “bad advice” as it needs E2 but waai fu and mayers E2-RIIC are great its 40% more gold production and 30% any production for factorys.
but now the good adivce there are alot of 3-4 star units that have great E1 RIIC skills that will help u get a boost in daily LMD gain which will help u to lvl the 5-6 star units.

Shirayuki (sniper) , Frostleaf (guard) are 4star units that give a 30% battlerecord boost

gravel 35% spot 30% gold production boost.

for tradeposts there are alot of 30% boosting

these are little early investments that will give u huge longterm advantage like 30k XP and 40-50kLMD daily just from the base (when fully build)

for the lvling of the “fighting” units

E1 a sniper platinum is ok (dont have her so cant say for sure but heard she is good but blue poison is suppose to be stronger)
myrtel E1 > E2 and M3 the first skill for fast DP generation which will help u alot
saria is great at E2 as she will give everyone SP
lappland is great but as u already have Silverdaddy E2 think u can E2 her later .
chen is also good to E2 as u need S2M3 for instant burst dmg (but E1 some more units is better for start)
for arts dmg istina is quite good slowing and attacking mulitple units is great but amiya is also going to be of value in later parts of the story and getting a special gimmick which i will not write here (spoilers) if u are intressted gamepress has the infos for it
personally i like absinthe skills/kit