Whose build is best?

  • Alfonse
  • Sharena
  • Anna

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I don’t really like any of them…


I’d rather go with Vantage for Alfonse since link skills can be put on someone else to buff him

I feel like Anna would do better running double bonds instead because her weapon teleports her right beside her allies.

Yeah, but she has to get down to that HP range, so yeah.

+21 attack and defense increase? Yes please.

Yeah, 80 ATK and 65 DEF is a lot tbh lol

That’s for wings of mercy to kick in. She can teleport adjacent to any ally within 2 spaces which is still decent.

To bad these 3 are literal trash anyway. Anna looks super fun to use with her weapon.

That’s only when you use her refine. I don’t think it’s worth sacrificing the 4 res.

Looks cool, buy why are they unmerged?(seriously IS their stats are getting worse and worse do something about it)

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I really like your pfp!

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Thanks, but I want to change it, But there is not enough Nino artwork that would work as pfp, so I’ll keep Marisa till then

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It’s all good! I’ll just cherish the moments where Marisa is your pfp!

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Or even run Brash Assault. He’s gonna have tons of defense, enough to not need desperation