Why are GBL's "Connection" issues always one sided?

I’ve officially reached the point where I’m done playing Go Battle League until something gets fixed, it has officually reached the pointnwith me where it’s completely unplayable.

Mostly the same story I’m sure most have heard, “weak connection” issues practically every game even though the rest of the game is fully functional. And the issues only ever seem to affect me, never once have I seen a single opponent go limp like I seem to do every single fight at this point.

Now, supposedly this is issues with the server, correct? I tend to hear two common explanations, either my connection is weak, or the server is just slow. I have issues with both of these explanations. Firstly, in reference to my own connection, anytime I get weak connection I still get the pleasure of watching my health bar drop in real time. As someone who played many a game, I know what lag looks like. Lag isn’t when you just freeze up but still see what goes on around you, if I can see my dude getting hit, and the only issue is me not being able to hit back, that’s not lag or connection issues. The other side, with it being the server. Again if that were the case, it wouldn’t only be affecting me every game, that would cause both players to experience lag. I’m still taking hits so clearly it’s just me getting held back.

The way i see it the only two possibilities are Niantic still doesn’t know how to fix their battle league, or two, which honestly I’m prone to believe, the GBL is so overrun with various exploits that winning fairly is practically impossible once you hit a certain tier. I still frequently see 3 shields, unexplainable energy gains, and as mentioned 1 sided “lag” virtually every game, and usually only after I start winning. I sincerely do not remember the last game i lost where I got to participate the entire fight. That’s not saying i can’t lose a fair fight, it’s saying I rarely if ever am given one.

Either way, I’m done playing GBL until it gets fixed. i went from tier 9 early season 1 to unable to get out of tier 3 because i keep getting unplayable games and going 1-4 or 0-5. Anyone else experiencing these issues or have any insight into the issue that I lack? Kindly leave a comment, I’m honestly just curious if others are encountering the same headaches at this point.

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They aren’t always one sided, but it is the majority of the time. One time my opponent froze for a while and I used that time to charge up an extra charge move thus winning the game. Pretty sure I would have lost without it.

I have that same issue. I hardly was able to reach rank 7 yesterday. Normally I am annoyed with GBL but Season 2 has been really irritating because it took me so long to get to rank 7. I had to stop playing after a couple sets on a few days . yesterday I was a bit more irritated because I just wanted to hit rank 7 and quit until UL comes out.

Course I think GBL is rigged and there is no actual other trainer. It’s just Niantic and their roboplayers. There times when I encounter a trainer in ML and their pokies have. CP under 75. It’s like huh???

They are losing on purpose to lower their rating so they will eventually be matched with weak oppnents for easy Rare Candy.