Why are Jessie and James still using Pinsir, Scyther and Stantler?

Jessie should use Wobbuffet and Arbok.

James should use Victreebel and Weezing.

One of them should have a Meowth. That’s right!

The remaining Pokemon could be a Blissey (Jessie), Growlithe (James) or Lickitung (Jessie).

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Nooooo!!! Shadow Scyther and Pinsir are at least borderline useful and their purified forms can be mega evolved. They had koffing and ekans at first release, don’t give niantic any more ideas how to downgrade available shadows.

I’m all for themes and some degree of accuracy but I’m not with you on this.

Shadow Scyther and Pinsir are at least borderline useful and their purified forms can be mega evolved.

I understand your rationale. In that case, let them keep their first Pokemon, but change their third.

Shadow Victreebel was a beast in GL but got nerfed and you can get it from decoy grunts.

How strong would Shadow Arcanine be?

Imagine Shadow Blissey in gyms…

It would be pretty bad. The drop in defense really hurts it and the increase of a really poor attack stat would make it just worse overall. Not a good Shadow candidate. But the angry Shadow animations would probably be funny!

I know the original reasoning was that they used their own 'mon for the first (Koffing and Arbok) but then “borrowed” the current team leader’s 'mon for their second and third. Then they switched it up and had the borrowed 'mon first and third and their 'mon in second. Not know that Niantic shenanigans, it would be pretty head-scratching. And I agree, having Victreebell and/or Wobbuffet would make more sense for James!

Have a shadow Arcanine at lvl 42. It’s cool as a fire attacker. Not that great for PvP, though interesting for PC, sad that it’s not eligible anymore for classic, but it’s not 2moved yet anyway.

Arcanine doesn’t have enough of an attack stat to really cut it at the top, even though it has flamethrower. Like most of the current shadows in rotation it’s good but not great and doesn’t really justify its additional cost unless you’re doing it for fun/unique reasons.

Its an odd set up at the moment, previously all the shadows were a bit rubbish bar some standouts, but now most types of grunt have at least one “good” shadow. I’m still targeting machop, larvitar/pupitar, dratini and swinub (very honourable mention to makuhita) but I’m hanging on to top IV versions of any of about 10 more species - probably try some unique shadow 6 teams at some point.

I know it would break the current system but I’d be fine with fighting J&J with their classic teams and then rescuing a “captive” from a pool of alternatives- a bit like eggs. It would keep the theme whilst making fighting them more interesting.

On point with shArcanine review. Reshiram and shadow Moltres are so much better and it’s only slightly better than darmanitan/skelebra (nowadays, after several massive waves, also they are as easy to power up). I don’t regret powering it up, cause my shadow Moltres is still flying-moved, but if you have great reshiram or darmanitan, it’s nothing to write home about

Shadow Arcanie is a really solid choice of fire attacker. All the better things (shadow Entei/Moltres, Reshiram) are stuck with 1-bar charge move, although Entei also has Flamethrower. If Ho-Oh doesn’t get Sacred Fire and shadow Torchic isn’t released in the upcoming 6 months, I’ll power up my 91% shadow Arcanie.

I think what would put me off it most is, yes, it has a 2-bar charged move, but it’s so glassy compared to its competitors I’m not sure that 2-bar move offers it any great advantage in that it’s likely to faint in half the time.

But neither is it objectively worse that its competitors so, as I said above, it’s personal choice but my choice would be not to.

I’d like to think we’ll get a shake-up of shadows soon, it’s a while since the last one and hopefully with J&J leaving this week, we’ll see a new Giovanni legendary - or at least a month-long each re-run of the beasts, I’d be fine with that.

Oh, it’s not that glassy. Better than darmanitan and chandelure. So @Elastic_Space definitely has a point here. Still not reshiram of course.

It’s even with Darmanitan (which I don’t use for the same reason) but Chandlure has around 25-30% less faints on Pokebattler against the few opponents I’ve tried it against.

Might be because of ghost resistance(s), but bulk alone is quite a bit better compared to those two.
Plus pokebattler usually calculates directly fired off charged attacks - therefore the raid can fire their charged attack earlier against Arcanine (firing off flamethrower directly and boosting opponents energy) when compared to chandelure with overheat (which let’s opponent gain energy later).

Aye, Darmanitan is more on a par with Gengar bulk-wise. I’m disappointed Chandelure hasn’t got any better in-game moves at the moment, it could be really stand-out with a better charge move, although its dual utility is a big plus. Maybe on its CD in 2024 it’ll get a great fire move to match SB on the ghoest side.

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It would have been nice to have some variety / new shadows with this “event”. But if the alternative is rubbish, then bring on the bugs!! HKN is correct that Wobuffet would have been nice, but given that it is optimal as an XL then having it is in this event would be moot as there is no good path to obtain 296 fricking XL candies!!!. One can typically get a good Shadow Wob in the shadow psychic raids. Long ago I had a near perfect one but transferred it as it was not a useful PVP mon at the time. Regretting that now.

I would rather Psychic grunts give something more useful (such as Abra) so Jessie and James can use Wobbuffet.

I can see Abra being back in next. I think the biggest problem with the Psychic rocket is that it has a pitifully small pool of viable pokemon to pick from. Loads of Psychic types are Legendary/Mythical. They already used ralts which can surely only have a future as the even more hamstrung Fairy rocket, but after that unless they use Jynx (no baby forms allowed) or Espeon (no shadow eevee unless they lock its evolution) plus they do like to run at least 2 types of reward mon. The alternatives, Natu and Meditite, seem even less appealing, albeit I’m never sure how shadow status effects PvP uses of certain stat spreads.

I have a feeling (hope I’m wrong) that if nothing changes this weekend, which surely has to be the last rocket related thing with J&J going, we have another long spell of the same rockets, the loss of two very respectable and cool looking shadows+shiny chance and no Giovanni ahead of us.