Why are the main sites called wikis?

They’re not wikis, right?
They’re normal articles written by writers who work for the site and not pages that anybody can edit.

Even Impulse said so:

But the page titles are like:
Which just makes me get confused when I want to go to Gamepedia which is actually a Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki.

Sorry for getting back to this so late, but I finally got around to reading and addressing unanswered contact us topics. Thanks for your patience.

Two reasons that I’ll keep as short as I can: one, the word “wiki” has kind of been used loosely now, and it tends to just refer to a “knowledge base”. Even wikis themselves have varying levels of security, with some pages on wikipedia being userlocked to high ranking editors since they’re highly sensitive (like political pages to prevent smearing). We use Wiki to simply refer to “knowledge base” and to help users googling things find us more easily. Two, as fun trivia, GP actually started in Hawaii and “wiki” literally means “quick.” So, “wiki guides” just means “quick guides.”