Why are TM’s random

I just don’t get it “Its illogical captain” just used all 6 of my fast TM’s to get a Gardevoir to learn Charm. Why is it random? Now it’s going to take me decades to get some more. Super effective week should be throwing TM’s at you from every direction, research tasks, poke stops, raids. I know you get one from 3 tier raids but there should be way more ways of getting TM’s

You wouldn’t have this randomness anywhere else in life. I think I’ll work really hard in school and then go to university and just learn any random subject.

You thought you were coming here to learn about car mechanics, but I have randomly changed that, so get ready to learn knitting.

Why Niantic, why??

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My guess is that the random nature of TMs is a result of them (mostly) being obtainable from raids. The RNG of the move reroll keeps a steady demand for TMs, gets players to do more raids, and makes Niantic more money.

That said, it’s a pretty terrible system made worse by Niantic expanding the movepools that Mons have, and it’s been getting a lot of negative attention on social media. At the very least, they could change it so you don’t randomly get the same move back that you just TMed away from. For instance, it took me ~14 charge TMs to land Shadow Ball on my legacy Gengar as it kept switching between Sludge Bomb and Focus Blast. It was pretty brutal.

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Can confirm almost 20 to get my Rampardos to Rock Slide.

Can confirm I have used 8 charged tms to try to give Drill Run to Excadrill. After spending those 8 charged TMs I’ve decided to spend RC Candies so I could give a second move to Excadrill and eliminating one move from the TM Lottery. At least Excadrill can be used as both a steel (for whatever that’s forth for) and ground attacker so giving a second attack doesn’t hurt that much.

“Why are TM’s random”

Because it would be boring if they weren’t.

Without the randomness of getting the fast/charged move you want or TMs from raids (with this event’s current exception) there would be no excitement or achievement, the game would go stale again and people would get bored of it faster.

I, like everyone else, have used TMs to try to get the attacks I want… and failed. So I carry on doing raids and trainer battles in the hope that I will get another TM and maybe the attack I want on a specific pokémon

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Yes, exactly this. All Niantic has to do is implement this. That way, there will be a limit to how many TMs you use before you get your desired move. Without this, there always is a very very slight possibility that you use an infinite amount of TMs and still not getting your desired move…

I think is the wrong approach though, generating a lot of frustration. You can change it without dropping the TM demand, like, for example, you eliminate TM rng, but at the same time you change the way you can obtain them.

Last time I checked you could get a max amount of 8 prizes from a T5 Raid (if you get all the bonuses), and for each prize you get a bundle of items (like, 3 revives, or 1 TM). But of course the TM bundle chance is much lower (and it’s only 1 per bundle). So in theory you could get several bundles of TMs from a T5 raid if you are lucky, but the overall chance is to get a total of 0.43 charged TM and 0.43 fast TM per T5 raid (so 0.86 TM per T5 Raid, assuming maximum bonuses). I also dislike this approach, I got 4 charged TM from a Cobalion Raid last week, but most of the times you don’t get a single one. I’m not against RNG but this is just too much.

I’ll lower the amount of possible TMs you get, but make it more consistent. And of course, letting players choose the move they TM.

Well it’s driving me mad lol

I stopped playing in 2016 and only recently started again but it’s things like this that make me want to give up again. With all this team rocket stuff going on now and for someone like me who missed all the community days moves up until turwig this year I only have a few decent Pokémon most of which are now all needing healing up (so much for more potions from pokestops, I haven’t noticed any difference at all in the amount of potions)

Surely there must be a better way of learning new moves, couldn’t we just walk with them (for miles) and then just choose what moves we want.

I’m sure it’s not random anyway, I have a Rhyperior with smackdown so obviously I wanted Stone Edge as the charge move, all 12 of my TM’s later I gave up Earthquake / Surf over and over.

If I had a Fast TM I think I would have changed the fast move to Mud Slap, would probably get Stone Edge then, I’m sure there are some shenanigans going on here.

You rural/ suburban player , or playing mostly alone?

Probably city players have easy acces to TMs and RCs, and most problem is stardust. In my community 95% players tossing out TMs, and if something is missong, its stardust.

My dude, do not give up - the December CD is gonna be a rehash of all 2019 and 2018 CDs.

I used 16 CTM putting Power Up Punch on Lucario.

It is painful to see rewards from so many paid raids become worthless. It is demotivating.

I got lots of them in around 3-4 attempts: I hoard at least 80+ of those.

Only one that was bad for me is 20 to get Drill run for Excadrill – And I still have 30 left because of hoarding.

Ya know, I’ve seen charge TMs burned on Pokemon like Latios and Hariyama, where the chance of landing the move you want should mathematically be 1/3, and yet it still somehow takes 10 TMS to get to Dragon Claw and Dynamic Punch, respectively. Based on seeing things like that, I wonder if the chances of landing a particular move are actually not as random as the size of the movepool would suggest?

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By the sounds of things you guys all raid loads so you should be swimming on TM’s so, I guess the bigger problem is not getting them regularly. Also if we all got what we wanted first up the game would become a bit dull and the use of a Pokémon would be very short lived with each generation release??

Nobody is asking for it to be easy.
They are asking for consistency.

I have no problem doing 5 raids if that guarantees that I’m going to be able to successfully TM a pokemon. That’s satisfaction, your hard effort is rewarded.
As far as it is right now I could fix 5 pokemon doing a single raid or fail to fix a single pokemon after 10 raids, that’s not fun.


If you are drowning in dust and you have LOTS of candies of a mon, you can give it a second move if it has 3 moves: Once you do just TM the undesireable.

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IF it has 3 moves

And it doesn’t work with fast moves.

I too started in 2016 when it came out but quit soon after as it got boring fast. I started again in September (literally a couple of days before Turtwig CD - had no idea why there were so many around until the next day lol).

For me this is the exciting period of the game, where I don’t have the decent legendaries and have to work hard to make good teams for team rockets leaders, raids etc. Solo’d my first Machamp a couple of weeks ago on the second attempt… was so chuffed.

I rarely have more than 30k stardust, always using TMs straight away in the hope of finishing off another usable pokémon, always have to make that hard decision on which pokémon to use a Sinnoh Stone on and always go out of my way to catch a Machop or Magicarp (as i still need to evolve one for A Mythical Discovery 6/8)… and I love it!!

Once I no longer need to do any of these things i’ll probably get bored quickly and quit again, but that’s just me.

Without that frustration there won’t be a sense of achievement, without a sense of achievement… what’s the point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, lottery has it :grin:

I hope they don’t decide to make evo items less boring… “Raaaaah that’s the third Sinnoh Stone I use on this Piloswine and it returned to be a Swinub again!!!”

No, please no. I would get TMs at an even lower rate, if ever :sob: TMs are not working as desired all the time, but at least sometimes they work.

I have mixed feelings about this. I have suffered a lot from inconsistent TMs or lack thereof. My powered up close combat Machamps can testify, they would even be willing to do this in court. But this has taught me to be contempt with “good enough” moves and not try my luck too much. Close combat Machamps, Earthquake Golems, Sludge Bomb Gengars have had their uses here and there. Not constantly looking for perfection has allowed me to enjoy the game in a more relaxed way, and therefore enjoy it more. It’s still so much better than the original situation where you would evolve your first, hard-earned Dragonite, only to have it land on steel wing + hyper beam and then you knew it was as good as transfered. That was frustrating.

But at the same time, it’s not satisfactory to have bad design as a solution to worse design. My Surf Rhyperior is only one example of wasted, gambled resources. In the main series games, no one has ever had to use pokémon with subobtimal moves to defeat gym champions. Every pokémon can learn the same moves and TMs, though limited in number, have consistent, predictible effects. Yes, a completely overhauled system with all attacks from the main series games being learnable through a certain amount of candy would be nice, but everyone has given up hope for that kind of things. It we could just, at least, cycle through available moves in a definite, unchanging order with every use of a TM, ensuring we would need at most N-1 TMs if the pokémon has N moves, that would be a serious improvement and relief. If deemed necessary, associate a candy and/or stardust cost for it, just like unlocking another move, so it’s not “too easy”. Mew would still be a TM sink. But at least luck would be out of it…
And we could be frustrated with something else…

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i wouldn’t call surprise mechanics particularly fun. I feel excitement when i achieve something, not when RNjesus decides to throw me a bone lol