Why are we suddenly talking about going back to normal now? It is not gonna happen

That’s not a bad thing though. Masks have been practice in China for a long time anyway (again, China showing that it’s about community by protecting others).

I, for one, would be happy for the unhygienic, unwashed, coughers and spitters to keep a distance from me.

I have already caught Swine Flu and the Mumps from people who didn’t isolate as it wasn’t mandatory. Just think of the positive outcomes if isolation became mandate in all countries if someone was infectious with something.


Hi Cordi, your comment / binary grouping has some merit, but you are generalizing a great deal. The people of Asia (i am in Thailand) have indeed shown their commitment to the greater whole by wearing masks and generally following the dictates of authorites but there are many glaring exceptions and this is partly why most of Asia is now in trouble. Denial, bureaucracy, low testing rates, under reporting and often corruption in many governments have resulted in appallingly low vaccination rates. Much of America, which is a very very big place (I am American) thumbed its nose at the pandemic BUT in many locations, the populations were very responsible. the result is now that some parts of US are under vaccinated and in potential trouble but in some locations almost everyone is vaccinated and life has returned (almost) to normal.

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Hi, I know this isn’t technically game related (although we will of course play when we’re over there) but from someone who’s actually there; what are the chances of us being able to come to Thailand from the UK in the next couple of years?

“Some communities matter” - China


Never I expect.

Hi Oaf, odds of coming to Thailand from UK will likely be good starting mid to late next year. Thailand will likely (touch wood) be highly vaccinated by end of 2021. In a few months, government will open tourism in Phuket (southern island, famous for tourism) and should that succeed will then open more of the country. Some hiccups and issues to be expected but vaccinated travellers from countries which are not “high risk” will face only minor controls. If there is a way we can chat off this site, let me know and I can explain a lot more and provide advice. I have been here for 30+ years, so pretty well informed.


I don’t think isolation (or any kind of restriction related to the pandemic such as mask or social distancing) can actually become mandate, or at least not in every country…

I live in France (in what was considered a “black area”, which mean we had the worse contamination rate of the whole country) and we had the whole procedure : mandatory mask everywhere, for everyone, social distancing, a really early curfew… but nothing worked since people just didn’t obey.

I’m not saying that my area was representative of the whole country, and I know some of you won’t believe it to be possible. But from what we see here, it doesn’t seem possible to mandate any of these restrictions, mostly because people don’t want them.

And there’s another conclusion to that : if you’re scared of catching a virus (any virus), avoid France.

I’m still a little envious of France because at least when sonething is wrong with government or the public disagree with certain policies that have gone too far you actually go out and do sonething about it.

In the UK the PM and any of his mates break the law, nothing happens and we’re all apparently fine with it.

I’m actually also really quite enjoying one of the most civil exchanges of views that the Internet has ever seen.

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Unfortunately often difficult for “the public” to decide when the government went too far… But weren’t there strikes in the UK at several historical points as well? In Germany it’s difficult at the moment, with a lot of the anti vaxxers and anti maskers arguing with their “similarity” to anti Nazi protesters of the 30s…

Pretty sure when the Supreme Court decide the PM has illegally suspended Parliament that’s too far. But all anyone cared about was a spider brooch.

I’ve looked at the protesters you mention, the Querdenken? They’re not dissimilar to some of the UKs protestors, all they want is to do what they want at the expense of the majority but without any of the negative consequences.

There’s always going to be the extremists, the tinfoil hat wearers and the self-servers. I get that we can’t set fire to Tory HQ every time the scruffy clown that is our PM waffles his way out of another dodgy situation but seriously what we’re tolerating in the UK is beyond belief.

Just once I’d like the majority of our populous actually show some kind of independent thought and social responsibility. We left the EU on the back of casual racism, a weird belief the English (not British) Navy still rules the waves and an outrageous lie painted on the side of a bus.

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I’m trying to catch some feelings and bag a wife, if that counts I’m going to France.

I agree, it’s a pleasure to read a topic that’s so interesting and with such polite points of view. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up closed due to the fact it is less and less pokemon-related :slight_smile:

And if you’re interested, I’ll just try to nuance (I don’t know if this is the right verb, sorry) the relation French people have with the government.
It’s true that there are frequent protestations against the government, often associated with the French national sport : stroke (it’s only a cliché when a stranger says it). But things have been a bit different for the last couple of years.
To keep it simple, our previous PM has been using (abusing of ?) an article of the constitution stating that he can order a law against the people’s will. While it is necessary to have such methods in case of emergency (especially in France, where it can be really hard to obtain a general approval), I think that was the moment people started to feel kinda useless. If you add two deceiving successive presidents, you obtain the weird situation we’re having, with people having absolutely no interest in politic. While there are and will be protestations, less and less people are getting involved and the sentence “yeah we’re protesting but no one cares and the government doesn’t listen to us” as become quite representative of the state of mind. Worse (to me at least), the election participation rate is falling drastically, with sometimes 50% of people not voting.

I know from the outside French can give the impression of being always on the verge of revolution (I’m voluntarily exaggerating), people here feels rather hopeless. But maybe it’s very subjective and relative to my area, and if someone disagree please tell !

Well that was longer than I expected, if someone read all of that I hope you find that interesting :slight_smile:


Your English is far better than my French and yes, I think you’ve used all the right words.

Perhaps we see more of the dramatic stuff on the news and I’m perhaps remembering the news from the early 90’s.

The politics over here had the same problem, everyone stopped caring until 2016, then everyone came out of the woodwork because it was all exciting and certain politicians were selling hollow promises that it could be like the 19th century and we’d be ruling the world again (because slavery and military conquest is big and clever, right?). Now we’ve got a horrendous leader, who isn’t accountable and half the nation love him, the other half, me included, feel hopeless because there’s nothing to change it.

Cheerful topics all round, but I’m learning a lot about other countries and opinions.


Found this article pretty interesting despite not been related anymore to the game. This site is way more cosmopolitan than it seems.

It’s amazing how different countries face same issues despite thousands of kilometers of distance, different culture, economy. Mostly politicians…

I agree things won’t come back to normal because the “normal” 2019 reality no longer exists, but next Year things are going to be better, for sure. At least in terms of covid flew.
Niantic making adjustments is… ok. They were bonus after all, I find it boring to play CDs at home


Aussie here. We may have done it right the first time but Sydney has just gone back into lockdown with the Delta varient spreading super fast through the community. The next few days will be very interesting for this country.

Never understood why Australia (and NZ and Japan) didn’t decide to vaccinate a bit faster… Seems that they built a house on just one column

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They probably thought that everyone would see what they were doing and follow suit, stopping the problem before it spread everywhere.

Unfortunately they underestimated the stupidity of other countries


Or they simply underestimated the spread of the virus. Also a kind of stupidity, but well. The virus is for sure more stupid than us, but it never ceases to exist ;)

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Australia: Has legions of deadly creatures, virus is no match

Japan: Has samurai and anime girls, virus is no match


All of my Aussie Pokemon GO news comes from Zoe Two Dots and from what I understood Sydney always had new cases (not many) while most of the rest of Australia didn’t. But you certainly handled it better than the U.S. did.