Why both Fujino and Emiya alter durability is 4.0?

Hello! I have both Fujino and Altermiya. Alter is good but Fujino far surpasses him in the field of survival. I would even say she outclassed him, especially after the release of command codes.

Could you explain why they have the same meaning of durability?

Emiya Alter can tank NPs because of Bulletproof’s 50% Defense alognside damage cut and…

That’s it. She has guts so it’s not a big advantage and her buffs last longer in solo scenarios shere they are cobstantly being attackef


Doesn’t durability mean how much damage a servant is capable of sustaining, and for how long? If so it doesn’t matter if the solo is a sctnario or not, Fujino is able to withstand more and do it longer. Does this not mean that her durability should be higher?

She’s able to tank more in certain situations, and Emiya alter can tank more in other situations.

That’s why they’re the same score I assume

Emiya is able to withstand more only in those situations in which he is not beaten. This is definitely not a definition of “durability.” According to this logic all servants who are compatible with Skadi need to put durability 5 since they never die.

If easily tanking NP’s and having more than 1 HP remaining doesn’t count as durable in your book, I’m not sure what can get through to you

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-50% for class advantage, -10% for np debuff, -2000 for Remaining Sense of Pain. How do you get 1? Fujino takes more damage from the NP, but the fact that her buff reduces most Saber attacks to numbers close to zero makes her more tenacious. Alter simply will not live up to np if only he will be beaten. And if we consider the situation in which other units are hit, then it comes in that durability is not determined by how much the servant is able to withstand damage. In general, it would be easier if the site wrote what is meant by durability.

How do you get 1?

its genuinely clear you have used neither of the servants
just saw a video and think you know stuff

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Both have their strength and weaknesses. Fujino in terms of solo play has the better kit for surviving I’d say than Emiyalter but not by too much. They both have defense that shines in different areas better than the other but for the 2 descriptions I’m giving for both characters based on me playing them, I’m going to go in a solo perspective.

Emiyalter’s defense/damage cut combo can tank NPs quite really well as well as minimizing a lot of normal attacks, but due to it being only 3 attacks instead of turns, its only going to last maybe 1 1/2 - 2 turns at most but what he does defend against basically makes the hits null.

Fujinos however has no defense boost, but has a damage cut 4x higher than Emiyalter so most normal attacks enemies do basically deal little to no damage. Problem is when it comes to an NP, she is…basically screwed. She’ll survive because she has guts but it’s only 1 time and gives 1 HP so you basically have 1 turn left and that’s it. You’re most likely not going to have max HP anyway in a solo fight, so the HP cap reduction isn’t too much of a negative to me. One of her positives she has for her survivability however is her NP effects, as 10% damage debuff combined with her damage cut allows her to tank even more damage along with her eliminating the enemy from activating a buff which could help keep them from buffing their damage, crit chance or other things that would really be a problem for her specialized type of defense.

If we’re speaking of in general, Emiyalters greatest strength with his defense is that you have the chance to have defense consistently. His defense/damage cut lasts 3 hits for 5 turns on a 5 turn cooldown, which allows him to potentially keep his buffs the entire time until the next activation if the enemies space out attacks to him in the allotted time compared to Fujino having 2 turns of no defense at all.

But that’s just my 2 cents. If someone else who uses these servants a lot more than me (I mainly use Tomoe for my ST Archer) and feels I wrote something off or completely wrong, lemme know.


Perhaps criticizing someone’s position you better answer the question in full. -50% for class advantage, -10% for np debuff, -2000 for Remaining Sense of Paine, and as a result, there is no Saber who one shot her with np. This is what I meant. Fujino has no defense of 2 out of 5 turns, but Emiya Alter has no defense of 3-4 out of 5 turns, and take full damage. I express myself as clearly as possible - Fujino can go solo those quests in which the alter needs support, and for this reason, I believe that she is more tenacious.


I’ll start by saying that I’m not sure what you mean about durability 4.0 or where you got those numbers.
As far as I know there isn’t a durability measure on Gamepress so are you referring to another website?

I agree that Fujino is tankier than Emiya Alter, she is almost tanky to the extent of overkill.
However it shouldn’t be that hard to make Emiya survive long in a solo situation.
His skill functions somewhat like Cu’s Protection from Arrows so mechanically I’d expect his durability to being close to Proto Cu, especially if he has class advantage.
That skill can also be activated while the taunters are still alive to reduce the Cooldown.
I found an old Nerofest Exhibition quest where he remained undamaged until turn 8 despite it being a solo, all together he lost a measly 2.5k HP in clearing it and that was with skill at level 2.


I took the meaning from here. I did not say that Alter should matter below but if he is proto Cu then Fujino is Cu. Her number should be higher. A unit can live solo for more than 20 tuurns seriously. By the way, finding Fujino on the same tier with Nobunaga is too cruel. I understand that other solo units on the site have a rating lower than the more damage-oriented servants, too, but damn it she is the best 4* archer for difficult quests.

I forgot about that bit :sweat_smile:
I’m not a Writer so I can’t say which critera those are based upon but if it covers both team and solo then I could buy arguments that Emiya is tankier in a team but squishier outside, which evens out.
This is based on RNG and there being a 1/3 chance of him being hit, the enemy can also act at most 3 times/turn and that includes skills.
Being able to delay enemy NPs also improves his survivability.

Yup, I also feel Fujino is better than Nobu and I’ve thrown her at bosses as well.
She keeps steamrolling them even at NP1.

I think you might like this one:

Any unit lives longer with the team. This is what I wrote about 3 times. When we measure the degree of durability we cannot take the situation where other units are hit since it turns out that durability is determined not by how well the servant withstands damage but what luck you have. That is why I consider solo fight the main criterion.
Cool wideo btw

I agree that RNG shouldn’t be part of the equation but well in this case the base assumptions aren’t clear as you mentioned earlier.
That is kind of why I started skipping those and eventually forgot about them.

The definition of durability is also hard to specify if solo is the criteria.
Should it be the amount of damage they can inflict, how many turns they can survive or something else?
There are also some servants have enough offensive output to kill the enemy even without survival skills in their kit and even those with just a single turn evade can go far like Okita, Atalante Alter, Raikou.

If you are curious about those criterias it might be easier if you ask a Writer.

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I’d always assumed that the graphs were just visual representation of the parameters on the servant’s profile in game. I have demiya so I compared. Noticed categories weren’t all matching and I wasn’t sure so I picked another servant at random.

Oh boy was I wrong! Zerkalot in game shows Endurance as rank A. A!!! for that glass cannon! :exploding_head: GP wisely gave him a 1 for durability instead.

So yeah, ask the writers where those ratings come from.

So this is what Honako Green meant when he put Fujino besides Heracles at the top. This is INSANE.

Nerf Proto Sakura…and give her another rate up! :fgo_jeannu:

Frankly, I ignore those charts because in isolation, it doesn’t tell me a lot. Maybe if there was the ability to overlay servants, it would be marginally better, but only for me digging into what makes one better than the other, and then deciding what niches that applies to.

So, sorta like tier lists. Starting point, but really is largely irrelevant. The OP obviously likes Fujino, and like many other posts like this, and like tier lists, one can argue that their favorite is being slighted :slight_smile:

For me, I don’t solo intentionally, and I rarely even get to last man standing. I don’t even have either of the servants being compared here, so I don’t personally have a horse in this race. In the face of bosses, I would probably pick DEF over DMG cut, maybe the other way around if it’s just waves (or maybe 1 big wave) of grunts, but that’s just me.


The question is not whether you like solo or not and which unit is better.The reason I started this thread sounds like “Why both Fujino and Alter have the same durability rate.” Why does a unit that has enough survavability to be near immortal(with command codes) have the same rate as the unit that “Can tank np more easily”. I just propose to use the solo as a criterion to reduce the indication of randomness (strikes in other units), and in it Fujino has a tremendous advantage.

Personally, NPs are usually more of a threat to me than normal damage, especially as I usually use class advantage, and in longer fights, have Merlin healing. YMMV. If we don’t value the same things, then we’ll have different conclusions.

And, like I said, I NEVER solo, so that aspect of a servant is rather irrelevant to me.