Why bother with legendary raids anyway?

  • Only 1 Rare candy per raid
  • Legendary can double jump and attack every single ball at a chilling 50% rate, doesn’t matter how good your throw mechanics are (100% of my Cobalion, Regice, and Terrakion losses are because of this)
  • If you get to see a 100% legend it will flee around 88% of the time, and I haven’t got a Terrakion over 93 IVs or I think even 15 ATK yet.

So what is the point right now? I don’t raid to get pissed off.

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RC average from T5 raid (assuming all bonuses) is about 3-4. But also personally I use RC only for legendaries, so catching the legendary from the raid counts as 3 to 6 rare candies if using pinap or silver pinap berry (+1 from transfer)
So considering every candy source is like 7 to 11 candies per raid.

I’m don’t want to be mean but the thing is you clearly have to improve your skills
Double jump or attack just means you have the tiniest possible margin to hit the pokemon with the pokeball in between animations, but that margin still exists and if you do a perfectly timed throw it won’t bounce.
I have almost perfect catch rate with legendaries and the only reason some get away is because sometimes I get to greedy with the pinap berrys lol

My friends and sometimes even random people ask me to catch their legendaries when they get a 100% because they get nervous
If I add my hundos plus all the hundos I had to catch for other people that’ll be like 40 hundos (maybe more)
Only 2 of them fled, and 1 of those was because they give it to me with only 1 pokeball remaining and the cellphone was so sluggish and lagging I couldn’t even throw it correctly

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Actually I’ve saw cases where like say, the Terrakion is Jumping, the circle is the excellent circle (And it didn’t even reset or move, indicating that it’s the exact timing where I SHOULD throw) and the next moment it’s hurdling over the ball. Lost 2 in a row because out of 9 balls, 4 or 5 of the throws it’s doing this.

Your problem with throws is completely user error.


Can i get a source for that statistic?

I’ve caught 100% of my 100% IV raid pokemon. I’ve only ever missed out on a 98% rayquaza and that was just bad luck. Maybe try relying less on tricks, because it seems like you’re not very good at them if you’re complaining after every new T5 comes out. :man_shrugging:

I’ve saw 6 100IVs;

3 Mewtwo, 1 Latias, 1 Kyogre and 1 Darkrai.

It’s probably exaggerating since I don’t see many 100ivs but it seems to happen a LOT more often collectively. (Including people whom I only knew via local groups)

Plus hitting all balls aisde, if this continues, I can have 11 balls to catch the 100iv Terrakion and it will hurdle 7 in the exact, perfect timing (For me, not for it) and it’s pretty clear it would flee.

Well I honestly don’t believe you because i caught a 100% and i hit every ball except 1 with a great or excellent throw and it took about 9 total. You aren’t guaranteed a catch and I have to agree with @XtremeDoge, I think you’re just nervous when you encounter a 100% and that’s probably why you arent very good at catching them.

Trying to get more balls would also help that case. 11 is rather low, when you can have up to 18. 13-14 should be easily doable in the right environment.

Also, I can throw Terrakion properly, trust me, the distance and circle itself is not hard. What is the problem is when I throw, EVEN if the circle doesn’t move when it attacks or I am throwing in the EXACT moment where it isn’t supposed to move at all, it does it anyway, it’s fate and there is absolutely no way to get around it.

This NEVER happened before Darkrai and only got worse by the Regis weekends.

You got a shot with 3 hundo Mewtwo’s???

Mewtwo is one of the easiest pokemon to throw pokeballs at. It stays in the middle, doesn’t go left or right and neither up or down. It’s not far away but not super close either, it’s just at the perfect distance and it doesn’t move.

God gives bread to the toothless

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If it does move it is supposed to do so :wink:

You need to throw way earlier, you need to throw just before Terrakion goes back, so the ball lands on him just when the circle appears, if you wait until Terrakion is going back you will be to late if he double attacks…

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Actually, only the Latias and Kyogre fled.

Every single Pokemon in the game is capable of this. Legendaries and Shadow Mons will usually attack more frequently, so you’re more likely to encounter this when trying to capture them. As stated in your other post, it all comes down to how you throw.

100 IV Pokemon aren’t any harder or easier to catch. It may look like they flee more often because:

  1. People sometimes get nervous throwing at hundos, so they’re more likely to make bad throws.

  2. People usually won’t report in when their 82% legendary flees, but they are way more likely to say something when a hundo does. The reported data gets skewed like this.

I mean, it hasn’t even been out for 24hrs yet. Give it a bit of time. :wink:

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You sure about that? :thinking:

Just about every raid boss does this depending on their movement abilities. Terrakion doesnt move left or right, but it’s able to jump and it can double jump, you missed the window. Again, your problems with throwing are completely user error.

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Actually, many people do not understand what I am facing.

Up until the Halloween event, whenever a raid boss attacks, EVEN if it double attacks, I can hit it before it moves twice and I mean VERY consistently. (Unless it is Lugia and Kyogre)

Starting from Darkrai however, I simply cannot, if anything starts making a double move, it is fate and there is absolutely no way around it. (This includes anything that I would otherwise be able to counter properly, such as Alolan Raichu or even very easy ones like Nidoking or Hariyama) The double moves happen on a MUCH, MUCH shorter window and there is no way to get around it; And so far, if I had never missed a ball thanks to a double attack on ANY Tier 5, I either caught it within the first 3 to 4 balls or I’m just lucky enough to see it stay still after attacking.

Also, now lots of stuff just tend to spam double attacks, if you have 9 balls, only around 4 will hit half of the time because it just double moves past anything, whatever actually hit it it pops out without a shrug, even if I think I caught it, it pops out after exactly 2 shakes. It’s fine for Tier 3s or Regigigas but on a T5 it’s literally just death.

You’re complaining to a wall. Everyone except you is having no problems. That’s a pretty clear indication that you’re just not very good at timing throws.


Be noted that it hasn’t happen up until the end of Giratina and the start of Darkrai, and after Darkrai it only got a lot, lot worse.

Before then I didn’t even got double moves making over half of my balls miss every other raid. They can double attack but I hit them even before they can even pull it out around 99% of the time.

It hasn’t. Especially considering you’ve been complaining about this stuff well before giratina makes your accusation even less credible.

Seriously dude, stop complaining about RNG and work on timing your throws better. Every new T5 that’s released, you create a thread complaining, its like clockwork. :man_facepalming:


Those are when everything hits consistently and they still flee.

Now I cannot even hit them consistently because of the very obvious window cut.

I agree with that. I disagree with all the rest.

I saw your Terrakion video. You said “This Terrakion jumped 5 out of 9 balls as I thrown when it attacked in the exact 0.7 window, then fled.” This is just wrong, dude, look at the video yourself!!! You had 9 premier balls and this is what I saw:

  • 3 excellent throws
  • 2 great
  • 1 nice
  • 1 (and only one!!!) miss because Terrakion jumped right after attacking
  • 1 actual genuine miss (your finger probably slipped or something)

Your throws are pretty good: you regularly hit excellent, and when you hit nice/great you are actually hitting the same spot on Terrakion, you just threw at a moment where the circle was bigger (happens when it’s attacking at the moment you select the ball, you took your chance, I do that too :wink:). This is why I suppose your genuine miss is probably a finger slip. You throw a little too early in my opinion, but it’s very OK. The “double jump/attack” caused you just ONE miss, which quite frankly has been pretty standard for a long time for me, wayyyyyy before Darkrai. And you caught it in the end after 8 balls, didn’t need the 9th.

You said it yourself:

You are just exaggerating way, wayyyyyyyy too much. We are ALL saying to you: what you are experiencing is NORMAL, we are all seeing that. It’s not a new bug. You just happened to be very lucky until Darkrai apparently.