Why can not access the 100 pulls option after 11 boxes :')

this is for the current NA event of the 2022 christmas lottery, why am i unable to access the 100 pulls option when i exceeded 11 boxes and have enough wraps to do the option, currently i only have the 1 pull or 10 pull option pls help

It was very briefly (like 2 messages long) discussed in this thread, it probably unlocks after the later boxes.

Could it be locked behind story progression…?

In the JP rerun I have the 100 roll button and I haven’t opened more than 20 boxes:

It’s weird because in the news section of NA they specified that it would be available starting from the 11st box and they didn’t say anything about story progression being a requirement…

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That was my 2nd thought but it’s hard to know at this point in the event. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Oh, it’s locked after Box 11?

Nice to know, I was wondering why it wasn’t showing up for me as well.

I believe maybe it has to do with Grand Prizes, as after fishing one you have the option to reroll another box (plus special animation when they pop up), so multiple Prizes on the same roll could bug stuff I guess.

Maybe they fucked up the implementation and we aren’t getting 100 rolls for this event after all… :fgo_kamagrimace:


Last I check the information is it should be available starting at the 11th box, but then again I find it is not possible to skip the early boxes even after I claimed the grand prize so they likely screwed this lotto up

I’m definitely thinking along the same lines. The information definitely, clearly says it should appear for box 11, but my UI doesn’t even moderately resemble the screenshot they have in the announcement - it looks exactly the same as in past lottos. There’s a few potential stumbling blocks I can think of mechanically, so given the notoriously extreme spaghettiness of the code I wouldn’t be surprised if there was just one tiny error someplace that’s causing the option not to fire off.

I’ll put in a support ticket early, I think - hopefully, if they need to do a cheeky maintenance to fix it, they can get it out of the way before the best nodes open and we get more apples for the good nodes :fgo_alterawiggle:


Hopefully; apologems. :feh_lilithpray:


Well, to be fair, it’s the same in the JP rerun right now. First 10 boxes have the usual interface and look, then the 10 roll button becomes the 100 roll button and nothing more. Only after pressing the roll button you see the screen with 10 items per row (the one in the announcement).

I hope it’s just a matter of waiting until the last nodes open and they just forgot to write it on the announcement but we will see…

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However they coded it they fat fingered the wrong number. At this particular moment the 100 roll unlocks starting on box 21, NOT 11. Yes it’s supposed to start with 11 but it isn’t. But it is on, just a little later than it should be


Not again, Intern-kun!

What’s more annoying is that when you’ve spent all your tickets pressing the 10 roll button, the UI doesn’t go back to the previous screen. You are forced to press on “Return”-button on the top left.


Once the 100 option kicks in, though, all is forgiven. This is so nice and makes lovely ember stacks in the mailbox.


I noticed this too, it’s so annoying. :fgo_badciv:

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Because 100 roll button was martha’s gift to us and they tried to make karna give that to us which caused problems


Wow, this worked better than expected: 3 SQ + 3 gapples.

Let’s try some more:
Hopefully; all SSRs. :feh_lilithpray:

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You wouldn’t happen to have a screen shot would you?

What do you mean? That compensation is for the users affected by another issue (game crashed and didn’t allow to log in when using SQ revive).

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Well i didn’t take one at 21 so you’re just gonna have to take my word on that part .



Give me back my hope!

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