Why can't I use Tibarn, Reyson, or Naesala in Resonant Battles this week?

I’m sure it’s something obvious I’m overlooking but it says that this seasons Bonuses are characters from Heroes and Path of Radiance. I googled all the characters from POR just to be sure and confirmed that Tibarn and Naesala are both in that game.

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In Heroes they’re considered to be from RD, even though they were in both games. I think only L!Leif and Naga are listed as being in two games (Genealogy and Thracia and SD and Awakening respectively).


They are from Radiant Dawn. POR only units include Titania, Ike, mist, etc. Oops yeah they were in both but their forms are from RD.

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there’s Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

Two different games

characters are different from both


Thanks for everyones quick replies. I guess I shouldn’t trust the internet, I was using the list of “Playable Characters” from this website. https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_characters_in_Fire_Emblem:_Path_of_Radiance

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there is a button when selecting your heroes in the right corner to help you organize them based on game

I can direct you to it if you’d like


Yeah, I saw the list and that’s why I wondered why those characters didn’t have a check next to them. Thanks though, I appreciate it.