Why do I do that?

Does anyone else do stuff that no longer makes sense, out of habit or a refusal to accept, despite the obvious, that you don’t need to because…well,I might need it

For example I still pinap gastly, machop etc - I have no reason to do so, I have thousands of candy, I have dozens of fully evolved good ones and even if I caught a shundo I have everything I need to max it 10 times over.

I also still store high IV candidates of stuff, despite having fully powered similar or better ones. I’m not talking about high level tradeable candidates, but say a L18 89% IV swinub - I’m never going to use it but I won’t bin it for months or maybe years.

Is it just me, or do other people do it too?

Pretty sure I can weed some of these out, but still it’d be just a little too risky. However I never have more than 200k stardust, so something like powering up that trash lucky Natu might help do some task that I don’t want to do and gives a very minimal reward.

Also I have 11 shadow Gligar saved…at some point shouldn’t I choose 2, 5k purifying means not saved for that

At least before I didn’t have a pvp Gliscor made, now I do…it is UL 979 ranked, but it being exactly 2500cp knocks a digit off (#97)…plus I don’t have a lot of stardust and that 75k for the other move actually hurt

I never look at the IV rank. The percentage of stat product makes much more sense. Even the worst IV is roughly 80-90%. Yours is a 97.0% one, totally usable if you need it.

Ah yes, the stack of luckies I won’t let go, including a plusle. I’ve see the point in hanging onto a few low level ones for power up tasks but I generally have something I’m working on anyway.

Shadows too, I’ve got 45 shadow beldum. Yes, I have legitimately kept the good ones, then a couple more for purified lucky trades but why am I still keeping the other 35? What game mechanic will mean I need 35 poor to average IV shadow beldum?

I’m sure there are plenty of people who keep pokemon they could just let go. I have a tendency to keep pokemon from community days even if they aren’t evolved. I think I have a dozen or so of the electivire, roserade, machamp, gengar, gardevoir, swampert, etc lines. I still have probably ten snorlax and lapras. I have over a dozen eevees and more than 1000 candies for them.

Why? Maybe they all get a new, exclusive move in the future kind of like machamp did. I doubt it, but it’s a convenient excuse for me.

I still keep worthless 4* pokemon
I’m still walking Metagross, even though I’ve enough XL candy to max it
I still hunt Arlo for better Beldums, even though I don’t need to.

I would never delete any of perfects, even its 20 Shuckle or smth. PERFECT IS A PERCEFT! :joy: :joy:


I also keep any perfect mon, but if I have more than two perfect of a single species (or the same evolution line), I’ll transfer or trade the rest. So it’s impossible for me to have a team of, say perfect Rayquaza, even if I have that luck. Just hate repeating, no matter what.

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I pinap 12 evos and I also horde pokemon that have 15 in one stat and zero in the others… I evolve all my wurmples and whismurs basically as soon as I catch them

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Honestly, it’s a good idea to farm candies, because you never know when you’ll need them :3

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The most stupid thing I do is spending 10 minutes catching dex filler legendaries “properly” when I will never ever power them up or trade them.

I just did the raid to farm RC to power up useful stuff so why catch the pokemon?


I have reasons for mine. I Pinap every Eevee I catch, because I want to reach 1k candy, kinda like a goal for me. I also will never replace my only Cherrim Sun because it holds special memories of my level 10 self finding that sweet CP ??? :blush:


Sentimental reasons are fine,

I agree, I’ve got loads of useless/sub-par stuff that is still there because it means something to me.

I have 366 mons named “trade”. I will never get through trading 366 mons. But I sort through them and its all… good trade material, and I just can’t bring myself to toss them.


Unless its a 4*, I don’t keep trash 'mon. I’m about saving up that 'dust for the good stuff and honestly, I know at least half the hundos aren’t going to get powered-up at all. :stuck_out_tongue: Compulsive about keeping luckies too but that’s a little more justifiable since the cost is lowered.

I’m with @Squiffy on keeping way to many tradeables (but not that many)! Usually keep one or two legendaries and a few from distant 7km eggs (for candy trades) as well as some random rare 'mon like Gible.

I’ve just gone through my storage for double candy trade hour and was surprised not to find more to transfer, basically a load of shadow beldum. Although I think that’s likely due to having double candy transfers most months now.

Does anyone else do stuff that no longer makes sense, out of habit or a refusal to accept, despite the obvious, that you don’t need to because…well, I might need it

I have 21 Female Eevee kept exclusively for Breeding.

I’ve finally convinced myself to only keep a Feevee if her IV is better than one of the 21 I currently have, so the new Feevee replaces one of the elders. I consider this to be a major improvement over keeping every Feevee I catch, and I hope that one day, I’ll be able to convince myself that no, there will NOT be Breeding in Pokemon Go, and so I will be able to transfer 12 of those 21.

I have no idea how I’m going to get rid of the other 9.

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Somebody once hammered me mercilessly on a different site because I told her she was daft for deleting every best friend and I said I thought distance stuff would come in. Well, now I’m remote raiding with best friends worldwide and I only need full distance trading to become a reality (even just during odd events) for full vengeance to be mine.

Keep those Feevees, they may yet see some “action”. I wanted to say “get lucky” but certain game mechanics make that confusing rather than funny.