Why do so few are using Amiya?

I mean she is the main character and everybody has her from day one. But why she is so snubbed by the community? I see Tectone on YT even regretting to have E2ed her! And me myself I am not using her that much, but I already also have a powerhouse like Eyjafjalla as my main caster.
I think Amiya has potential, but her kit maybe should be touched a bit here and there, tell me why we always have to go with her basic Skill 1 buff only because the other two skills are pretty situational and not even that great :ak_redwut:?! I never understood that.
I would like to see her as a better character since she’s the protagonist. Because I like her, but simply there are always better options than her for the team. That’s sad to say for the cover girl bunny/donkey :cry:


Count me in the few who use her.
I also created an Amyia appreciation thread months ago.

Nice voice, nice skills, beautiful animations and good damage.

What more could i ask for.

And afterall, i use also Courier and Melantha: i do not follow the rule of better rarity means better operator.

I use operators i like regardless of rarity.

Else, why my first E2 was Graay 4* ?

Why do i use Haze or Melantha or Courier?


I e2’d her. Not for her skills, but because she’s surpringsly tanky for a caster (high hp). Thanks to her I was able to get R18 on the first CC, so I definitely don’t regret it.

In my squad, Ifrit’s the only mainstay caster, but she sees some use depending on the map, filling either the second or third caster slot with Mostima.

I also much prefer her e2 art to her e1 art and going forward, her insane s3 will surely come in handy.


She’s my second caster since I have Eyjaf. But most of time I use Eyjaf s2 so she usually in team as ST dps. She’s also E2


Blame Eyjafjalla for casting such a large shadow over the entire ST Caster archetype. It’s not so much a problem of Amiya being bad, but that she is so plainly outclassed by her competition.

For her skills, I agree with S3 being situational, but S2 can be quite alright provided that she has access to her E2 talent which should allow the skill to charge up much faster. The stun at the end isn’t a big problem as long as you have defenders to hold enemies in place and other sources of DPS to make up for her brief absence.


I’m in the “E2 Amiya Club” as well. E2-ed her last CC, and yeah, she was in my R18 team. Eyja is great, and I confess that when I need one ST caster, I go for her, but Amiya is still my default 2nd ST caster when I need it. Also, she carried me through first 4.5 chapters before I got Eyja, so E2-ing her was like a big Thank You for all the work.


Yeah due to the presence of Eyja dominating the archetype and friend supports Amiya and the others get less use.

She is great for the first Patriot fight at least and there is a big chance she gets a next form or something considering the “demon king” prophecy.



As people have mentioned, the reason isn’t because Amiya is bad, but because Eyjafjalla is so overpowered compared to all of the other ST casters. Situationally Amiya can be pretty good, and I’m one of those who E2d her and she helped with getting my (literal) last-hour Risk 18 clear for the last CC. Outside of that, I typically consider Eyja to be my AoE caster and Amiya to be my ST caster. From what I’ve heard from CN players she is also extremely useful in beating the final boss for the upcoming chapter 7 due to his extremely high DEF and RES, since her S3 ignores these.


Amiya was my first E2 and my only E2 until i tried Silverash S3 at chapter 5 release(because i have an Amiya E2 otherwise i would not be able to see the true silver power).
Like most others player i use her as second or third caster after Eija/Ifrit.
I use more often her S2 because the stun is not an issue with good defenders.
And sometimes S3 for some boss or powerful enemies with true damage and +100% hp to survive.

Her Dp cost is lower than Eija too and sometime when i only need a ST caster i choose her with S1.
Another thing to know about Amiya is her sp regen at E2, it’s 2 per hit and 8 when she kill an enemy, her unique advantage /talent that make her far better than Eija with S1.
The real cost of her skills are lower than the price suggested because of this talent and she can release them fast after deployment.


Guys, you are gonna make me E2 this bunny I swear ahaha :heartpulse:


I think the way we use her in battle and her skills and talent really match the story.


:point_up: This

Eyja has the unfortunate problem of being such a broken source of Arts DPS that she outclasses everyone in her Archetype. It’s not that the other ST Casters are bad, it’s just that Eyja is that good

Anyway my Amiya is E1 LV70 S7, and honestly she’s been pretty great to use. I don’t have access to Eyja so she’s been my Main Caster in just about every stage, that Damage from S2 is glorious

I actually already have the mats ready to E2 her, been farming them since the I got the Masteries for Red, Exu and Ch’en, but other projects kept coming up and she kept getting delayed. Just need a few more T4 Orirocks to fill the gap left by Mastery Training a week or so ago


I would probably have to E2 Amiya as well if I don’t pull someone like Ifrit, Mostima or Ceobe. I always waited for someone like that, but it never happened. Actually I don’t even have that many casters now that I think about it, but I don’t even need to use them that much. All I need usually is a well positioned Eyja on the field with her Volcano :volcano::ok_hand:t2:
I have Amiya at E1 60 S7 for now and I consider her my emergency caster (3rd or 4th choice), after Eyjafjalla 6⭐, Skyfire 5⭐ (if I want AOE) and even Angelina 6⭐ (she’s a Supporter but as you all know deals a lot of Arts Damage with Skill 3).
However as an actual ST Caster she is my only 2nd choice after the goat loli, so I might as well E2 her soon :fgo_umusmug:
Thanks for all your replies cultured friends :innocent:
Also this art is sick, not gonna lie :fgo_wow:

P.s. Oh here’s where I saw it before. I knew it was kinda familiar :joy:
Tekken 4 Jin

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Oh the Art was one of the main reasons why I wanted to E2 her, being able to take down the Chapter 7 Boss is a plus

Also Low-Key disappointed the hood isn’t part of the sprite