Why do you want Shinies?

In the last few days I have been reading people’s search for shiny Pokémons. I am not sure of the interest per se. I know I like variations in stuff but I don’t really get shinies. Shinies seem to be very important to some players.

I only really want one shiny and that is Magikarp. I was in being a tourist when Magikarp was released, so it would be nice to have one. Also Magikarp and Gyradios are very misunderstood Pokémons.

So why do all of you look for shinies? Is there only particular shiny look for because it reminds you of something?

I just think they’re neat.
But really some of them are very cool looking and I only look for those. Any of the grass type shinies that look more autumnal, dark types that turn indigo, anything with flames that change color or metal that changes material.

So there’s also boring shinies I totally don’t want. Gengar, Leafeon, Glaceon, they all look almost the same. And then ones like Tentacruel, Golbat, even Giratina are too gaudy.

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Stuff to trade.

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They’re rare. And when you really start to understand Pokémon, you start to realize that just finding a shiny can make you freak out and jump with joy.


I don’t go looking for shinies, and I don’t keep all the shinies I caught. I keep some for trading, but after a CD I send most of my shinies to the crusher… :woozy_face: I know I’m a horrible person.

honestly? my personal reasons for caring include, but are not limited to the following:

same here. it’s an aesthetic preference. but as it’s been stated, not all shinies are visually superior to their base form. (Gengar, etcetera).

and because of this.
holy GOD thank you for this.

you can get down to the nitty gritty details of it all and check out the research the lovely individuals at The Silph Road provide about the shiny statistics for … basically all that’s been released. on how common. how rare. these people are fluent in statistics and I love them for this. bless their thoroughness.

but I’m simply a collector.

ahah see, i sometimes LOVE the gaudy. i recently evolved my shiny crowbat and embrace the gaudy

yes, his name is |pablo| escobat. :catroll:

but SERIOUSLY. you ask what is so great about shinies?
I’m a player that doesn’t raid often due to lack of gyms
(shout-out to everyone that invites my ass to raids.)

so try to imagine finding something like THIS, and you low-key don’t know how you managed to pull off the raid in the fluffing first place.

look. there’s even a fecking RAINBOW.



There are a few favorites of mine I like in their shiny form, but it honestly doesn’t add much value to me. Most people that play are collectors and aren’t too much into raiding or pvping. I wouldn’t say that it’s the core of pokemon by saying you only get this if you get pokemon, because basically just a different colour has never been the core in any pokemon game. Its always been about becoming the best. And there isn’t much skill in finding shiny pokemon, it’s mostly about a combination of luck and effort.

It’s just a collectors thing, some people don’t care about levelling or battling raids/gbl, so what else is there to do besides shiny hunting really

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I like them for puttin on gyms or battling with in PvP or raids.
It warns my enemies that I’m genetically different broh

I get kinda butt-hurt sometimes if they have terrible IVs or CP but I’ll still put them on a gym for the memes.

Many of the shinies have better colour palettes than their normal form.
I guess they are a kind of special prize.

Thank you for your posts. I am not really a shiny Pokémon kinda person but I think I understand things better now.

Hopefully more players will be able to post here. Shinies have different meanings to everyone.

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For me, they’re something different as well as being fairly rare (in most cases).

I like collecting, but I don’t obsess about, them. I’d much rather find a good IV specimen for either PvE or PvP, which in most cases have different spreads. When the two align though, it’s great. During Go Fest, I picked up a shiny Snover which turned out to be a rank 7 Great League Abomasnow, which I’m currently enjoying using.

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Personally, these are the reasons I like shinies:

  1. I think the color palettes on some shinies look way better compared to their normal versions. Those are the ones I care most about. The bland ones with washed-out/faded colors, not so much.

  2. Shinies are rarer than their standard counterparts, so they can give you a way to stand out in battles amongst your peers. You gotta look your very best to be the very best, right? :joy:

  3. It’s a nice surprise when I’m out playing, I click on a Mon, and it ends up being shiny. Or when my Gotcha randomly snags a shiny while I’m running errands or driving.

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I personally have never had that much of an interest in shinies UNTIL PoGo. The only shinies i’ve every really been blown away by are the super pretty ones, like Shiny Ninetales (unavailable in Go) and the shiny Pony family. When I got my first shiny Pony I almost cried :joy:

But now, honestly, the value I place on shinies is directly determined by how much it’s desired by other players, and I think that’s what it’s like for a lot of people out there, if I can get something that I actually want for this shiny thing that I don’t care about then that’s more than enough for me.

CD shiny, nah. I’m not sure why it’s so great that someone was on the right side of RNG and caught 30.

Boosted shinies like Sneasel, meh. Just means there are a lot of Sneasel spawning.

Raid shinies, okay, I’ve done a LOT of Ray raids and have lots more than the shiny to show for it. But did anyone else experience the shark like feeding frenzy for invites during the Gible rotation?

But a full odds wild shiny? I can remember exactly where I was when I caught each and every one of them, and I can still feel the happy surprise when I scroll past them.

And I do like the starburst.


CD was kind to me. 2 back to back shiny fishy bois.

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The main reason I want shinies is to transfer them and make people ask why I would do that.

  1. Without the IVs or levels wanted they’re just storage fillers.

  2. They cost too much to trade, and if I want something I’ll just catch it.

  3. You can only trade 1 a day anyway (except during specific events), which just makes them storage fillers.

  4. To get the shiny dex entry, and then transfer them if they’re not useful because they’re just storage fillers.

  5. They’re just storage fillers.

Everyone wants to catch as many as they can during Community Days. I caught 32 shiny Magikarp on Saturday, evolved one that was rank 16 for Ultra League (which was a waste as I also caught a 0/15/14 non-shiny) and transferred all but 5 (2 of which were pre-CD and kept for sentimental reasons… for now).

The problem with CD shinies is that they have no trade value, with the exception of Beldum because it’s still a beautiful pokemon which many people want… especially with Mega’s coming out… umm… at some point… maybe.

For variety. I like that my ML Gary is hundo blue and my UL one is red. I like the yellow bunny in GL and no one can deny how much nicer Metagross, Charizard, or Ponyta look compared to the normal palette. I personally like purple and pink Pokémon, so all those Lapras, Blastoise, Swampert or Kyogre look better to me than their normal counterparts.

In other words: I only hunt those I really like, which unfortunately are quite a lot of them, and I like to use different color variants for different purposes.

…and catching 'em all? I guess later generations gave up on that.

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Well I have played from gen 1 to 4 only actually but you are right indeed

I gave up completing dexes after gen 1 lol i did not have the patience for that

I really like this idea. I wish I had a shiny drifblim for great league… but I definitely differentiate my waterfall and dragon breath gyrados this way, as well as my UL and GL shiftry.