Why does everyone have a Madoka and how do I get my own?

tbh the free moemura is already carrying me but

a lot of people probably rerolled for her and/or did rolls while her banner was up

mine came 2x (plus a mami) while rolling for kyoko (no kyoko though)

Since she is the face of the series and she is actually a very powerful unit for quest many (including my self) rerolled their account in the first 2 week, when she had a rate up and they give you a total of 3 x10 pull
I rerolled a bit of time untill I get her and kyoko

she was in a banner on the first 2 weeks? let’s get an F in the chat

Meaby I have an account with her if you want. Her and tomacant remember her name. The weak 4 star fire girl with the sword.
It was a good account, but I wanted kyoko Soo
If you want I may still have the code. I can give it to you for free

I know she’s terrible in pvp because of her deck and all, but momoko’s honestly been my mvp for mirrors right now

fire typing means she isn’t hurt as badly by kyoko, unlike everyone’s other mirrors favorite, mami. plus that ignore def on her connect is honestly phenomenal at tearing through enemies

water girls do give me some trouble though because of that, of course. though more often then not, I’m able to at least either clear them out and/or get momoko’s connect off before she’s extinguished