Why does Gray dislike her face?

Basically the title. Shes a saber face, which obviously gives Waver PTSD and other troubles, but why does she dislike the way she looks? It briefly mentions it in her Profile 6 lore, but other than that I don’t remember them giving a specific reason in Case Files, although it has been over a year since I watched it.

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Her Bond lines themselves kinda talk about it.

Long story short, she’s not used to it.


It’s not her original face iirc, it just randomly changed one day to be similar to artoria’s


Ah that makes sense, thank you guys for the quick responses


Honestly thank you for this one. Went through the anime and this event not really knowing what was up with that. I could understand having mixed feelings about it since Waver would have mixed feelings about it. But it was clearly more than that.

That’s a fair reason to not be a fan. Even if my face turned into a really awesome famous face overnight…I’d still feel uncomfortable about it.


I may not like my face much but it would suck to just randomly have it change without warning, especially to someone who is famous’ face.

  1. It’s not her face. She started transforming when Saber was summoned in the 4th HGW. Then even more during the 5th

  2. The people of her village idolised her and were regulating her every move to make her as compatible a vessel as possible so her childhood was ruined. That’s why Add is her only friend from that period of her life.

So as far as Gray is concerned there’s no reason to like her face.

With that in mind, I love how Case Files straight up admits Saberfaces are a curse lmao.


I really love that she hates being a Saberface, ngl. Feels like a meta joke.


After realizing that Gray dislike her saberface, it finally makes sense to me why there were scenes in he anime that seems to imply that she was actually happy when Waver (who still suffered from saber face PTSD) told her to cover her face.

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I didn’t get the feeling that she hates her face so much as she hates the fact that other servants have the same face as her. She wants to be a special snowflake.

Oh I bet half the saberfaces in the game can relate to that. Most look nothing like her in the lore and are just drawn that way.


Mfw my beautiful face is replaced by a king from hundreds of years ago :fgo_seiba:


Gray asked him to not like her face, he says it often (even if he dealt with it a long time ago) because she is happy to ear that. He had a genuine feeling of disgust the first time he saw her face but he is beyond that now.

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That poor girl