Why does my BL!Roy special tick go from 5 to 0 in 1 turn?

OK so if I check my special countdown and it’s at 5, and then kill an enemy or get attacked, it instantly shifts down to 0 and is charged up letting me play Roy twice on the next player phase (or current phase if I charge it on my phase). I’ve looked through all my skills and synergies but I see no sign of countdown modification, unless it’s Durandal which actually gives me +1, slowing the charge down. I’d like to know how this happens to try and replicate it, or at least not get rid of the skill that’s causing this. Relatively new to the game so I may be missing something. Thanks in advance. Screenshot_20190803_212426|250x500

Edit: I can post Screenshots of my other units I use in my Roy team, those being Ophelia, Nino, and Veronica with which I always synergize in battle as a pair (and have my 2 other high damage mages go off and wipe the isolated troupes). Veronica is the unit he has an S rank bond with (and the reason I have Hone Cavalry on him).

His weapon speed up special cooldown

So yo ustart at 5, once you hit it goes down to 3. They hit you it goes down to 2. You hit one more time and it goes down to 0.


+1 special charge is speeding it up
+1 special count is slowing it down

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Oh so if you have foe spd +5 and hit twice, each hit counts as a charge towards your special? It’s kind of confusing to a noob like me, with he wording used and all.

Oh ok thanks for the clarification. It’s weird they don’t just go with +1 and - 1, and you also have to pay attention to the wording.

His weapon works in a way where he gets an extra charge on his special count every time he hits you if his Atk stat is higher than the enemies. Its why I run Life and Death on him

Oh ok. I pair him with Veronica so I like that Defiant Atk and Desperation combo when he’s low, and when he gets a hit with those I heal him up and get the Windfire Balm atk/spd stat increase. I need him to keep a minimum amount of bulk though, just because he’s my only melee unit and the other ones don’t have close counter (even though yes, his 25/24 and 38 HP bulk if pretty bad). What do you recommend as a seal for him btw? I was thinking atk/spd bond would be nice because I always keep him adjacent to Veronica. I’m using that atk/res rn because I don’t t have much else tbh, kind of a waste of seal I know.