Why does palkia and Dialga have a 4 attacker rating?

I just read Palkia and Dialga’s page, and they have a 4 attacker rating, which does not make sense, considering salamence has a 4.5 attacker rating. Palkia is a straight upgrade to salamence in CP, attack power and bulk, with its only downside being reliant on rare candies to power up. Dialga is not weak to dragons, and its DPS lost because of dragon breath is very marginal, so I think they deserve at least a 4.5 attacker rating.

It might also be that alot of the PoGo game press feels a tad out of date so it might not be updated.

One thing I do see right away is that Salamance can flex out of dragon . while palkia cant and dialga as a steel type. Palkia is also weak to dragon and fairy so that could also play a factor.

Beyond those 2 peoples, who knows.

Hi there,

This is actually more of a problem with Salamence than it is with Palkia and Dialga. Draco Meteor being a one bar charge move holds it back significantly when compared to Dragonite. And also, the Dragon-type group of Pokemon is much more competitive now.

We’ve changed Salamence from a 4.5 to a 4.


It’s always going to be subjective, but Palkia and Dialga as 4.5 and Salamence as 4 feels about right.

Okay, let’s answer this question with another question:

“Why would I use Palkia or Dialga?”

Palkia is pretty one dimensional. It doesn’t have a Water fast move, so you really only use DT/DB + DM for an attacking set, usually opting for Tail over Breath for the power. Dragon only hits itself super effectively, and because Palkia isn’t the greatest generalist, its uses are fairly narrow. It is also hit SE by the Dragons it’s meant to counter, meaning you tend to get off a single DM only most of the time. Now, it has amazing stats for the engine of this game, but it also has lots of competitors. It is outclassed in DPS by Rayquaza and Dragonite, outdone in TDO by the latter and Dialga as well. So, in a perfectly optimal situation, I’m not using Palkia except for my B team. That doesn’t make it useless, but it means it definitely isn’t deserving of five stars. I’d say 4 is accurate, as it is good at what it does, has a good stat build and a functional movepool, but it isn’t a generalist and its uses are fairly specific.

For Dialga, it has a bit more of a niche to distinguish itself- it’s TDO and the fact that it has another viable function aside from being a Dragon attacker. Dialga’s MC + IH is the second best Steel attacker in the game, even if that’s not very useful. Dialga will usually, at a high enough level, get off two DMs. It leverages its useful Steel typing to be neutral to the Dragons its meant to counter, which means it will typically outdo its competition in TDO and general survivability, helping the player stay on the field longer. Of course, Dialga’s moderate issues with DPS have been well documented. However, even with this deficiency, Dialga can generally do what other Dragons can also do, even for shortman stuff, such as two manning Rayquaza, Giratina-O, and other legendary Dragons (with the exception of the Lati twins). I might say Dialga gets a slight edge over Palkia for being bulkier and having more of a standout niche than Palkia does.

Tl;Dr, both are solid options, but neither are five star Pokémon.

Five star Pokémon are, to me, perfect, optimal, and have multi-faceted use. Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Machamp, Tyranitar and legacy Metagross fit this description for me. They aren’t alone (just who I thought of off-hand) but they’re the premiere Pokémon in this game who are clearly better all-around than Palkia and Dialga are.

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Good explanation. I actually have both of them powered up to level 36 and they actually perform pretty well. It’s much better to use than salamence. Palkia actually has the second highest dragon DPS and higher TDO than dragonite, according to the dps/tdo spreadsheet. Dialga is even better to use. Of course it has slightly lower DPS than the top dragons, but because of having no weakness to dragon, it could normally dish out two, sometimes even 3 draco meteors, which I think is pretty awesome. Yeah I know DM holds them back but they are still pretty worthwhile to use and power up to use them in my dragon team. Not to mention they look so badass!


The problem with a generic rating is that you have to spin and look at more than 1 aspect.

Salamence vs Palkia vs Dialga
Meteor vs Outrage vs Dragon Claw.
Raids, PVP, Gyms

In Salamence vs Palkia vs Dialga, generally speaking I am going to go Dialga > Palkia > Salamence. The higher stats tend to go in that order. Useful resistences tend to go in that order.

DM is the worst of the 3 dragon moves. Generally Outrage is best for Raids. Dragon Claw for gyms and PVP.

Of the 3, really only Dialga has a niche where because of its steel subtyping you might prefer it. But even there when I am up against a DM Dialaga I still find myself using Machamp. I’ve never used Salamence in a raid. ((I have 6 Dragonites and 3 Rayq)

I can see a tiny niche for Palakia if you have it have both moves to use as needed. But that tiny niche isn’t likely worth the investment. Again Salamance is never my choice over Dragonite or Lat. Dialga could be a nice choice too

As long as they have both moves Dialaga and Palkia might both be useful.
Salamance loses for me to Palkia in coverage. I find the 2nd fire move less important than 2nd Hydro
Salamence loses to Dialga in Resists

Anyway, the differences are so slight I wouldn’t argue with all 3 being “4s” or Salamance being a .5 behind (4 if others 4.5 or 3 .5 if others 4) the only thing I would argue with ever is Salamance being higher than the other two.


Dialga is a total BEAST in the Master League. Sits at #2 in pvpoke.com, and handily beats Origin Giratina (#1). It has good coverage with it’s moves (Dragon, Steel, Electric), and is a great generalist. One of it’s weaknesses, Fighting, isn’t very prevalent in the Master League, so you only really need to worry about Ground.

Palkia is so-so, as is Salamance. Even Rayquaza isn’t great, sitting behind DB/DC Dragonite, but Dialga and Origin Giratina are the kings of the Master league.

I was originally team Palkia when they were first announced simply because of its (unused) potential of dethroning Kyogre while also being part dragon, but ever since that boat sailed I have become enamored with Dialga and its extreme versatility. Its excellent typing paired with its great bulk have made it my favorite Pokemon to use of all generations. Its tears through gyms like a slow unstoppable bulldozer, beats some of the hardest rocket grunts without a hitch (2 Dragonite? Pfff move over runt), and it is extremely potion-efficient. That last part is incredibly important to me because I battle practically all day and potions and revives are a luxury to me at this point. Gyms, raids, grunts, I battle, battle, battle all the time and my top endgame priority at this point is getting an above-ninetythree percent Dratini so I can flex a maxed shadow Dragonite just because, to which my Dialga are super important. I am on my way to maxing a fifth one because of the whole potion situation. So, of the 3, to me Dialga is the most useful and the most impactful on the meta-meta game. Having said one, I understand its drawbacks and I wouldn’t place it above tier 4 in any attackers list. It just faces too much competition in areas where its kin surpass it easily. However, tier 4 is still amazing and nothing to scoff at. Tiers 1 to 5 are comprised of the very best attackers in the game, in a roster that contains over 300 characters. Being ranked juuuuust below the very best is still an amazing feat and worthy of appraisal.

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This (and the paragraph you wrote out below it) pretty much sums up why Dialga is one of my favorite Mons in Go. Some people get hung up on the fact that it isn’t the top Dragon or Steel-type DPS option and overlook the exceptional versatility this Mon has. In my opinion, Dialga is one of a select few that falls into what I consider an elite category of Mons that are strong across all four modes of battle: gyms, raids, PvP, and grunt battles.

Gyms - Dialga’s elite stats and plethora of resistances allow it to tank through most defenders. Ground and Fighting Mons are often not seen in gyms, so it’s infrequent that Dialga has to worry about taking SE hits. Dragon Breath’s short animation time also allows for easy dodging. While it’s rarely SE into most defenders, its Dragon-type moves backed by its massive attack stat will still plow through most defenders. If you have Iron Head unlocked as a second attack, it will also handily deal with any Fairies that try to wall it.

Raids - Dialga makes for an exceptional anchor to any Dragon raid party. It’s the only dragon (aside from Mega Altaria) in the game that doesn’t take SE damage from other dragons, giving it a valuable and distinct niche. It helps your team stay afloat and avoid the DPS loss that results from the time spent relobbying while also still dealing respectable damage.

PvP - Dialga is the king of Master League and a powerful contender in Ultra League. It dominates a lot of fights and functions well as both an opener and a closer. It’s truly an oppressive Mon to fight, and can run away with a win if the opponent isn’t prepared for it in some way.

Grunts - Dialga is a top generalist against many different grunt lineups. The only fights you shouldn’t bring it to are the Cubone/Hitmonchan lineups. Occasionally the Grimer lineup can give it issues if they’re packing Ground moves. Against any other lineup, however, Dialga really shines.

because it is hard to use fire blast and hydro pump if youre against a type dissadvantege