Why does Team Composition Guide: Blood Totem (Will & Xatu) - Single Player Team feature Lyra?

I don’t think any guide should ever promote using a character that is unreleased and we don’t know when she’s coming.

Things can be in the data and released months later.

Roxanne could be used instead of Lyra, who has 2 support moves to buff stats and is in the game.


That’s totally what i thought xD

I also want to point out that “Our Power is Limitless!” doesn’t work as mentioned in that guide. I’m still trying to figure out how that move works, so I tested it out a bit and made a few conclusions.

Apparently it only copies buffs the opponent has that Xatu already got as well, by overwriting the values instead of just adding more numbers. Here’s what I’ve seen happening so far:

  • When the opponent had no buffs, the move failed. (This also happened when they didn’t share the same buffs)

  • When the move wouldn’t change any number on Xatu’s buffs, it failed.

  • When Xatu had over double the amount of the opponent’s buffs, the move downgraded the corresponding buffs to Xatu to make it have exactly double of what the opponent had (for example, +6 Sp. Att copying the opponent’s +2 Sp. Att made Xatu lose 2 points of Sp. Att to reach the double of the opponent’s amount)

If anyone else tried it out and have seen results different than those, feel free to point them out or correct me.

Was the description in the guide outdated? The in-game one is correct. Well, almost. It should say “Raises stats TO double” instead of “Raises stats BY double.”

Tested it on the Level Up (hard) training course. Two enemies there can buff themselves. Xatu has no buffs, enemy uses theirs, Xatu copies their buffs by exactly twice. And yeah, it can lower his existing buffs if he had a higher one before.

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I can say that is true. Used Will a lot in random courses and after a few tries finally figured out how to use Our Power is Limitless…

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Thanks for all the feedback! I’ll share it with the author, and hope to update the guide soon.
Edit: For now the guide will be taken down and put back under construction as the author works on it, thanks again for your feedback!
Edit2: Author will be working on it ASAP! He’s currently busy but hoping to get it done tomorrow if possible.


Aye that wasn’t how it worked out while I was testing, but it may have been a fluke and it’s also possible that I misinterpreted the results. Hit me up on discord at Svidrigailov#4597 and we can figure it out together if you want to, or I can contact the other writers if you don’t wanna spend time on it. Thanks for pointing this out.
EDIT: Never mind I figured it out after further testing, you were right about everything you said. I’ll update the guide and have it back up today or tomorrow.
EDITWO: I finished touching it up but we won’t be uploading it till Lyra drops.

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Roxanne has no access to dire hit all and is less bulky than Xatu, so the team would be SEVERLY crippled by using it. Also what’s wrong with a guide including unreleased characters? It helps people plan out what they want to spend gems on in the future.

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The two main issues I had against it were:
(1) we don’t know when Lyra is being released (though datamined, we don’t know when or even if that data will become part of the game)
(2) the guide entirely focused on a team with Lyra without it mentioning she was unreleased or discussing other options.

The two together would trick players into assuming that Lyra was obtainable and the guide was currently doable when in reality it’s a guide that no one could actually follow currently. It’s also one that risks never being relevant if Lyra gets released later than expected or not released.

A guide along the lines of “this will be great when it’s released, and when it is, here’s how you use it. In the meanwhile you can do this” I felt would have been ok.

Good point: I didn’t consider that Xatu was bulkier than Nosepass. Serperior could work as a substitute. Provides less boosts but has better bulk and provides SpA.


Yes, I completely understand where you’re coming from.
Based on the datamine, Lyra will likely be coming 9/17, although this is still subject to change. We’ll put back up the updated guide when she officially becomes available!

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I’d have loved doing that, I always found it nice to help a community in such manner so I appreciate the invite… but by the time I read this, the post already had 11hrs of existence and you figured things out by yourself.

I imagine it only took you a couple of minutes to test the same things I did, so it’s okay, I guess. Well, I’m glad I was of help and I hope seeing more of your guides

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After the changes to Dire hit, Serperior is better than Lyra anyways so after I rewrite that part of the guide it’ll be up again.

I’m starting to believe that Our power is Limitless is either bugged or lacks clarification, last night it took a Crit buff from the opponent just because both of them had a Sp. Def buff, apparently. iirc Xatu took both buffs for himself

My guess is that because opponent got both buffs using only one move (the sync pair in question was Roxie + Scolipede, if you know of any case that can work similarly, give it a try), Xatu copied the move used instead of just the stats themselves.

Edit: I’m really confused by this move. Doing today’s level up supercourse with Xatu, stole a defense buff without having one. Seriously, WTF?

Edit2: they probably fixed the move to what it should have been doing when I first tested this out, which is basically stealing opponents’ buffs to yourself. That is what makes most sense according to the move’s description, rending my first conclusion in the other post useless. Have not tested the other conclusions I had but I can test them again if you guys want me to

I approve of the updated guide now that Lyra is available :)

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