Why DR was a mistake

B!Alm, +3 +Atk, dark blessed for 66 Atk. Prf grants +10 for 76, so scendscale will deal an additional 19.

Attacking Myrrh, a Draggin, grants an additional 50% Atk from his Draggin effectiveness. Nevermind her insane stats, one would assume he would deal a load of damage, right? Welp…

Anyone who’s tangled with F!Edel without NFU can tell you how obnoxious it is. And this is just another one of those things that make me say… Well shit.

And if GP would accept pics from Android, I’d share her tanking hits from +10 Nott, +10 B!Miccy, +8 Bram, Duo Catria, and Hecc (all with TA active) and still coming out of it with over 75% of her HP (without aether, sol, or noontime.)


Most of you probably already know how much damage my Eirika can do by now. So…

Yes I know it’s his weapon and special letting him kill her hush


I liked the idea of Spd based DR as it made Spd more useful defensively

DR on units that already have really good bulk and get it for free is what’s really obnoxious

H-Myrrh is one of the most obnoxious units because all she has to do is click “End Turn” and gets DR regardless of stats, and she already has good bulk. Fatalgard is in a similar boat

It’s also what makes Flayn so good as a supporter


The worst part is that the DR doesn’t vary/has trivial conditions. Dragon wall, while effectively similar, feels less threatening in some ways because you know the right unit could stat stack against it. Plus it’s not super ideal on every dragon since most want follow-ups (from Dragon’s Ire), don’t have good enough res to utilize it (all Sothis for example), or better selection of B slots (like armored units with Slick, Crafty, Special, etc.). In that sense, Seiros, H!Rhea, and L!Grima are the main 3 I’d say use it perfectly well since they can follow-up consistently while stacking Res.


The initial implementation, for Spd only, made some sense. But the proliferation of it has certainly gone out of hand.


+10 Rhea in arena this week was a fucking bitch, ngl.

But who needs guaranteed follow ups when Myrrh can hit 59 Spd?


Eh, it’s not super valuable to Spd stack at lower merges since her’s is so middling. At max investment though, yeah that works.


Yeah well… She’s +10/+10/SS… So it’s worth it. Gonna give her Spd/Res rein and maybe distant pressure when I find the fodder for it.

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Maybe the more confusing part is why they made his NFU so that it doesn’t work against dragons, the one type he should kill the hardest.

Because wind/water sweep are things that I guess they want to stick to hard. Hitting Def vs. hitting Res. Makes sense, and while he does have Draggin effectiveness he wasn’t exactly meant as a Draggin killer. Not as clearly as a unit like Julia at least.

I got Duo Hector today

Don’t think he’s got DR though

B!Ike and deflect seals:


He doesn’t. He does have a free damage button though.


Deflect seals made sense because they were a very specific protection from speedy units. Same with Bike. His refine fucked it all up, and shortly after close call came into being.

But also, yes, Bike is and always was a bad joke. Never needed to worry about his DR cuz he has pathetic Res and was always easy to ohko.


It was a joke but yeah.


She’s not that tough…

just ignore the fact that when this happened it took my ENTIRE defense team to get here, but just the thought of this players face when that happened makes it worth it (F!Edel had exactly 14 HP left)


Yes, the idea was good. Something equal to dodge in the main games.

Unfortunately the implementation has been hell on earth, and has led to some obnoxious BS.


I would’ve ignored it had you not laid it out like that.

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Does anyone remember Sigurd with his DR for mages?


Nope. I guess I should specify the trend got crazy when DR became inheritable.