Why Everyone Love Thea?

No Really…I Can’t Understeand If It’s Her Stats,Her Personality,Her Story Or Her Weapon

Agreed, I haven’t looked into her but she seems supremely boring. Her fodder will be fun though, vanguards for everyone.

I think I miss something because I see nobody talking about her xD

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I Found Her Very Much In Many Discord Servers,And All Of Those Who Have Her Talk About How Amazing She Is

All I See Is Blue Libra

Thea (or Tate as I knew her) was a pretty good pegusus knight in FE6 with hard mode bonuses. Personality wise, she is the loyal mercenary who fights with honor and money if I remember correctly. Her support with Klein stands out the most.
In FEH, she seems to be a tankier and hard-hitting Sumia as far as I can tell. (Still don’t have her).
She may not be as popular or characteristic as other FE6 characters but at least she shows IS can surprise us by adding obsecure characters in the game.
Overall I think she is good.

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Allright Thank You

Personally I like Shanna better

Lines like these


cos she has blue hair
if you have blue hair, its insta win for fe character

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Unless your name is Azura


Azura’s best feature is her resting bitch face.

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Because Thea is a goddess and I would really appreciate IS demoting her so I can actually get her.

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Lol I know which one you’re talking about.

I like her…


Because Thea is a savage and roasted Lugh

I literally had no idea she was popular. Maybe it’s because I don’t do reddit and FEHtubbing anymore?