Why exactly is Astrid tier 3

I just saw the December changes and one thing I don’t quite understand is why Astrid was placed in tier 3. On one hand it is the same tier as Annette the other movement increasing Rally, but she’s better as she grants bonus doubler. Even after ignoring the support, She has a similar statline to Sedgar and Python who are in tier 2 a whole tier above her. What is so different that Sedgar and Python are a tier above Astrid despite having similar statlines and Astrid having a prf.


3 movement + ranged + bonus doubler + grants extra movement. She piss on poor annette

I didn’t realize she was rank 3, I think she deserves better


From their article on the TL update:

Bonus Doubler support already exists in the form of Legendary Eliwood, and mobility support on a Rally also exists in the form of Annette. However, both are not supports that are particularly prominent in the offensive or defensive metagame. The Bonus Doubler effect hinging on a Rally does mean that there is also an opportunity cost of using a mobility skill, which is something that could be difficult to ignore in a positional sense. Lastly, in a defensive capacity, Astrid lacks the firepower to contribute meaningfully in combat in the current state of the game.

The first part I can understand, but I’d have to agree that it seems inconsistent. Python still has the best physically defensive bulk so he might get a pass but she’s almost identical to Sedgar, so not too sure what happened there.


All rally skills is an opportunity lost for a movement skill. And vice versa. It can be argued both way. Astrid can hold her own if she is forced to combat. Her reach and ability to snipe down flying things are no joke. Seems they just wana shoot her down with every pepples they can find. These ranking don’t have any much credibility nowadays.


Astrid is tier 3? That makes no sense.
L!Eliwood is also locked to Wind Season, and Annette needs strict positioning or Ground Orders in order to reach the frontlines and Rally, so even when they may share support mechanics, their practical use is very different.