Why Goredolf? LB3 spoilers

So Goredolf… can someone explain to me why he is still here. Iv suffered him through the chaldea take over and 3 lost belts and I still can’t find a redeeming quality for him no matter how hard Mash and co try to pretend like he’s not a horrible person.

He has the audacity to let an assasin in to kill me and then demand he takes the only poison cure even though I am humanities literal last life line.

And thats just one of many things he has done to prove he is an incompetent leader in every which way needing to be manipulated by his own staff who tolerate him qt best.

Meanwhile competent Olga and BFF Roman are gone forever.

But seriously. Why is he there from a story telling perspective and why doesn’t the challenge staff just lock him in a room where he can’t hurt anyone?

you literally force him to take the cure what are you talking about


Did we read the same story?

I have to make my brother sleep so i’m coming back later.


he’s not though

he’s a pompous fool that hides his genuine concern for those he commands behind elitism, which is really not being a bad person

hell, by mage standards, he’s probably one of the best we could’ve gotten to buy chaldea


I’d rather have goredolf be the mc at this point instead of our cardboard mc.


Goredolf has had more growth in 3 LBs than Mash has had for more than an arc and a half.

The dude’s fine. I’m more worried about others in the game just not developing at all. Mash and the MC being the first 10 characters that need help.


also, the mc forcing goredolf to take the antidote on hand made sound logical sense as well

as he was clearly the one suffering heavier effects from the poison, and thus could’ve ended up dying sooner. especially as our raid on the capital would make it that much harder to keep him under treatment


I was going to just ignore the rant, but I really need something clarified: If you think Olga was competent, then why don’t you feel the same about Goredolf? Olga acted exactly the same as Goredolf does. The only real difference is that we essentially had Olga in our group for, like, a quarter of a Singularity… If that!

Beyond that, despite the fact that his bragging about his abilities making it seem like he’s exaggerating, he’s actually pretty competent. He was able to destroy Oprichnik (or however it’s spelled) when they attacked Chaldea, he’s developed magic that is able to neutralize toxins in most foods, and he’s better at driving the Shadow Border all by himself than both Meuniere and Holmes put together.

Beyond that, while he’s extremely focused on his own survival (and that every other crewmember by extension), he’s still stepped up when he’s had to. Such as during the fight against Ivan, when he personally took control of the Shadow Border so they could safely get in range to launch Mash.

He also hasn’t taken his elitism so far that he’s actually in danger of killing people off. Yes, there was that whole thing with the antidote, but even though he really wanted the antidote himself, he still tried to make it as fair as his ego would allow him to. He also never really held the fact that his blundering and eating half the cake gave both the MC and himself a chance at survival.

Yeah, the dude’s an idiotic prick at times, and I hated him after the prologue, but he’s kinda grown on me. He’s fine, geez.


Olga’s a pretty girl so she gets a pass


I know the story says this explicitly, but I personally disagree. If someone dug a trap hole in my path and another person walked into it, they can only place the blame on the person that dug the hole.

But I completely agree with everything else you said. Goredorf was an annoying ass at first but he has gained depth and mostly capable of command. Less pleasing on the eyes sure, but much better than “Lev this Lev that” Olga


You’re not wrong about that, but that’s not what I meant. A smaller person would have claimed they “saved your life” by eating half the cake, and it’s a very easy logical jump to reach that conclusion. Gordy didn’t even try to make that leap to try and make you feel like you owed him.


I wouldn’t say it’s logical. More like consequentially, but I can see what you mean about the fact that he didn’t go there shows he isn’t just an unabsolvable prick. My main gripe about that part of the story is that somehow not going there makes it sounds like he is noble or something


Did we read the same story?

No, one of the options wins the rock-paper-scissors for you and then you and the Servants force Goredolf to take the antidote anyway.


I said “logical leap,” by which I meant fallacious logical processes. :upside_down_face:

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it’s pretty easy to forget the vast, vast majority of mages are morally bankrupt, selfish aholes. in that context goredolf is a pretty decent guy


I like Goredolf a bit more after this lostbelt tbh.


Olga? What are you doing director? Director?
As long as we do not stop, the road ahead will extend itself. So…tobalun janai zo…

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Most people do. So I am quite confused why OP thinks the exact opposite.


What’s this from? I googled various chunks of the lyrics and got no hits. There’s a song called Kibou no Hana but it doesn’t have any of these phrases in the lyrics I found.

I can sort of see where you’re coming from. If Goredolf wasn’t here, we would’ve trucked along just fine with Da Vinci and Sherlock because these two are the ones advising the entire journey and coming up with decisions on the next move, not to mention all the other tasks that come with maintaining the Shadow Border and analyzing every new situation and environment the crew comes across. In terms of crisis-management, Goredolf is definitely not someone well-suited for it considering his first instinct is to panic. He doesn’t always have the cool head necessary to decide whether to stand ground or run.

That said, the thing that struck me about Goredolf that told me he wasn’t entirely incompetent at leadership was LB1 when he advised the MC to run from Koyanskaya while she was killing a bunch of the Yaga. MC wants to rush in there like an idiot hero or some shit because it’s noble or some bullcrap that honestly made my blood boil from frustration but Goredolf, in cold, hard logic told MC to leave the Yaga and get the fug out because of his correct assessment that MC had no power to stand against Koyanskaya to save these people and if MC dies, it’s all over. So in a way, Goredolf balances the MC’s desire to be a disgusting self-sacrificing idiot hero.

In terms of character, Goredolf has many, many pitfalls, but he’s pretty well-balanced as a character all considered. He has his downsides and his upsides.

As for letting an assassin in, Goredolf honestly didn’t know that Koyanskaya would use the lipstick the way she did. There’s no way he could, honestly.