Why I decided not to bother with this game

Hey there. I decided to branch out from FGO, and since this game was pretty high on the recommendation lists, I decided to give it a go. I spent the entire last evening rerolling while listening to podcasts, and didn’t have a great luck with things, but on the last 10-summon reroll of the last account reroll, I got Iseria, Maya, and three 4* artifacts, and I decided to take it. On top of that, I got Khawazu from normal rolls and another 4* artifact for Rangers.

Update time. So, I decided to do one more reroll on an emulator, because I was really unsatisfied with the account above. The stars seemed to align just right, and I actually pulled a Tywin from the normal gacha by using the 20 bookmarks from the instagram campaign. I was really, really happy about that, so I quickly pushed my way through the beginning to get to the Selective Summoning, hoping to get a Vildred or Sez for farming, or maybe even just a solid 4* healer.

30 rolls. Not a single 5* character. Not a single 4* character! IN 30 ROLLS!
I get it. I understand it when I am not wanted, and this game made it perfectly clear. So, into the bin go the accounts. Adios, I now go back to FGO.

pats We really need gacha games to just give out a random 5* or pick ticket from the start already. I think Dragalia Lost does it, but since you also get currency then I guess the goal becomes rolling TWO five stars. At least you don’t have the feeling of an empty account though.

In this case, it’s not even that. I decided to pick up this game specifically because I was told it is extremely reroll-friendly, even compared to other generous gacha games (eg.: the aforementioned Dragalia Lost requires the player to download 4 GB of data on every reroll, and it doesn’t even do so using a full bandwidth). I wanted to do a really good starter roll and then play more or less casually during the downtime in other games I play.

However, when I can do the equivalent of 300 rolls and the RNG can screw me over so bad not even a single 4* character shows up, let alone a 5*, and considering that the premium currency in the game seem to be drip-fed for F2P, while for IAP it costs an arm and a leg, it became kinds of obvious I do not want to get myself involved with this game. FGO is already giving me enough occasional gacha grief, I really don’t need another source that is seemingly even worse.

On a side note, speaking of gacha games with lots of guaranteed units, look up Sennen Sensou Aigis. I play the Japanese version (because the NA version by Nutaku went belly up, for good riddance), and it is a tower defense style game where a new player gets TWO choice tickets for black units (the game’s equivalent of SSRs), plus it has events every two weeks that give access to maxed out SR and occasionally SSR units, a generous pity timer that runs for SR and SSR units separately, and even a secondary pity system that allows the player to buy guaranteed SR tickets (with a hight chance of actually summoning an SSR instead) by accumulating a special currency from pulling from the gacha. Oh, and the game has a 3% SSR rate and a 10% SR rate. So yeah, if we want to talk about gacha-games that are insanely generous and yet both hard, rewarding and successful, Aigis is my benchmark for those.