Why I Love Marianne (Special Video)

Happy Birthday, Marianne…


@Reality I suppose


I love random gp degenerates, not enough of u anymore since the great cleansing


That was very sweet :slight_smile:
I’m glad everything is working out for you


Was there some major policy change here while I was gone and I never found out?


For most people, being pushed to the side by the group with nobody to be close with is really hard. If you isolate yourself from others believing yourself an incorrigible bringer of harm, you have additionally to deal with that stigma you regard yourself with, and if you’re self-conscious enough you also understand that both your loneliness and your sense of stigma are your own doing to yourself ergo you have only yourself to blame. In Marianne’s case, as in many others, there is additionally a sense of helplessness because the condition which makes her the bringer of harm is both permanent and entirely out of her control. Curiously, it doesn’t occur to her that her crest makes her as much of a danger by her logic to her animal friends compared to the people around her, suggesting that the issue is entirely social and a misguided belief she has rather than anything objective. Nonetheless, it’s hard to live under all that psychological weight without being depressed or even hopeless.

In your case I don’t think it’s all in your mind. There were real and legitimate reasons why you had trouble in school. You made it through anyways, just like Marianne managed to live on. Now may your story, which has a nonfictional, historical person to anchor it to and tell it, become hope to many that real disadvantages and all the social rejection that sometimes come with it are not only survivable but beatable.


:birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIANNE :birthday:


It was slow moving and not silent, a carful destruction. Users burned out at the stake and others fallen into hiding. An expected type of isolation.

Friendly fun was no longer poked. And everyone grew up a little. A cleansing. Degenerates, rants, stupid ideAs, passions, nearly extinct.

That or feh is just a bad game so… users are peacing out idk

Wait do people dispute that?

It’s a pretty bad game; if it wasn’t for the FE IP I certainly wouldn’t play it.


Same. Bad game. It was magical to start in 2017 tho. It just… didnt lasf

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What is up with GP and Feh tho?

It’s so quiet lately, like it’s just the same 10-15 people interacting.


the cleansing

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Thank you very much for your thorough analysis and kind words…


I don’t know if the game is objectively better or worse (assuming such a thing exists) than its 2017 version but I prefer the game as it exists now. It has way more BS don’t get me wrong but I needed more complexity to play with. We all know that the complications are getting not only out of hand but extreme and excessive; nonetheless it’s a trade I would make for the room that it gives me to play around in.

As for future degeneracy, I can only comment once I see precisely what it entails.


Sadly it ain’t complexity I see. Feh dosnt play like chess, and simplicity adds to complexity.

Much like GO.

But feh didn’t add complexity it instead works consistently to destroy it. Complexity was the players desire to master the AI, the players desire to manipulate the field. As we have advanced our education on what to abuse and what we can do, the players consistently whined.

I do not EVER want to hear the word “complexity” in this games current meta, not after being called a gatekeeper for asking players to BE COMPLEX.

I’ll never forget what the player base is. Feh ain’t complex, and I’m not the only one here who watched it devolve in to shit.

When’s the last time anyones made a post that wasn’t just “how do I make a save team? I’m to dumb to figure out supports that are simple as shit”

Never rally trap, never new discovery, never Sain can really make AR fun, never anything,

WHY? BeCause Intelligent systems destroyed it. And they continue to do so, for this player base that hates complexity so much that they think Summoner duels is unfair


Man, I wish there were more players like Supersoren with their big brain able to understand COMPLEX strategies. Too bad every player besides Supersoren is simple minded and uses enemy phase strategies instead of player phase strategies, because they don’t understand complexities. We wanted to get rid of cavlines and rally traps because it was far beyond our comprehension. The current playerbase can only use saves because their peanut brains asked for it, not because saves are actually the most consistent method to win games that IntSys forced upon us.

If only more players could understand supersoren COMPLEX strategies like: ‘‘Initiate with a brave unit and whine about the current state of the game if it doesn’t work’’

It’s nukes VS tanks and lots of powercreep, nothing really changed except Reinhardt is outdated.


I have almost no time to play these days and I barely do the minimum to get the quest orbs and tbh my go to team when I just need something done is a save team.

I literally don’t have any energy or time to read through all the lenghty PRFs and skill descriptions (which are more and more complicated to understand as time goes by) so imo is not only the playerbase to blame but a VERY COMPLICATED gameplay evolution.

I’d love to go back a few years back when prfs and refines where “you get +4 atk/spd”.


I’ll wear the boots that fit me sweethardt.

And I’ll judge a dying game for what it is. :feh_alfonsesmile:

:feh_rein: and I’m always willing to show you a good time with my brave go “boom boom” lmfao