Why is Director Olga not been made a servant?

Was her soul consumed by the light of chaldea? I mean sure she didn’t do much in her life. But she also wasn’t fit to rayshift or to be a master. She was still a 1st rate mage. I mean if useless vessels like the Einzberns get to become heroic spirits, this cutie deserves it too.
If just so someone can finally compliment her.

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Prior to watching the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, I really disliked Olga Marie. Now I’m merely indifferent.

Seriously, she spends almost of all of her time in the game being a bitch to everyone, and not in a fun way. Also, she’d need some serious plot twisting to end up both alive and a Pseudo-Servant or something. There’s no way she qualifies on her own merits.

(It’s fine to want her to be a Servant, I just have a few others in line ahead of her, like Muramasa and Abe no Seimei)


I’ve seen poor Olga die more times than Cu now.

Doesn’t mean she deserves to be a servant. Would make zero sense. But I guess a pretty face can take you anywhere in this industry.


The industry of dying repeatedly and frequently violently across the 'verse? :V

LB spoilers

Current theory is because she’s the mysterious alien(?) figure in the Prologue, in LB1, etc

Nah, that happened because he trusted a sketchy old man.

Well also Lev said her death would be a thousand deaths for all eternity… so maybe she’s like Merlin. Not technically dead, therefore cannot be a servant.

She got reincarnated in isekai as villainous duke daughter and busy saving the world there that’s why no Olga Marie


Cause she’s the final enemy of Part 2.


It is a bit odd. I mean sure she shouldn’t just straight up be a servant. But we’ve got a Waver servant, Rin servants, Luvia servants, etc. Having people show up as playable in this game that honestly should never be servants is something they’ve established as acceptable.

Can only think that either they feel she can’t (because of the whole horrific state of how she was actively killed) or because they have a major part for a pseudo sevant Olga Marie to play. I guess we’ll see if anything ever happens on this front.

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I just really love me some good hair porn. And Olga Marie had it in spades!


I’ve seen Olga die many times with Freesia playing in the background…oh wait that’s a different Olga

DW/Nasu decided to not release her, as FGO do not really cares for rules of servant summoning.
In lore I just think she isn’t famous as a hero to become heroic spirit, so her death is irrelevant. She would need to be a pseudo-servant to be summoned.

I think similar to the explanation given for Zhuge Liang, Lord El Melloi (Waver) doesn’t have the history or capacity to be a servant, and Olga Marie is in the same boat. She’s still too new and has not contributed much to history to qualify to be a servant.

Taiga, Luvia, Rin, Sakura, etc are just vessels for servants. I don’t really like the Einzberns as servants but I think they were vessels for the Holy Grail so maybe it gave them special privileges to become servants.

It’s a shame, really. She shows up in some really cute CE art, but having her as an actual playable servant would be something interesting.

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Its because she isn’t rly dead tho is dying over and over again reliving her death constantly like levi says therefor she can’t die and become a heroic spirit not to mention she hasn’t done anything too grand in her life to become a heroic spirit so there is also that.

Waver’s only great thing he ever did was be a Master in a holy grail war. That he lost.

he also Case Files’d, but more importantly, he’s not the servant.

The same could be said for a lot of shit that happens in FGO


Well I don’t have Waver as a servant in game, so not sure of what or how he is.
But Olga could be snatched from any branch of a timeline. In iany fashion.
Emiya encountered himself as a Servant while he was still alive! Even that Archer Emiya wasn’t truly “that” Emiya. But in all branches of the timeline, Emiya pretty much follows the same path.
So if mooncell can pull people from anywhere for any reason. Who’s to say that Marie doesn’t get plucked out eventually? You thinking living an infinite death is something to say you gained experience from? If she wasn’t broken. If she somehow learned how to cope. Closed off her mind to the searing pain. Numb to it all. Maybe she learned to harness the energy burning her for all time. You never know. All sorts of ways to spin her back into existance.