Why is every Ex-Raid on a Wednesday, usually in the middle of the day?

I understand that not every person works 8-5; and people who work nights and weekends should have a chance at an Ex-raid too. It would be nice if at least the majority weren’t scheduled during work/school hours. Why can’t they just be scheduled for the time and day of the week that they were triggered, or a high-volume time for that gym?

EX raids are on a rotating schedule that, at the moment, falls on Wednesdays. Either the next set of passes or the one after should be for EX raids that fall on Thursday.

As for the time of EX raids, supposedly they’re programmed to occur around the time when most people raided at that gym in the week prior. However, if the game cannot determine an average time, it will default to scheduling the EX raid at 1pm.

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I’m not even awake at 3pm right now, so I miss most of them.

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The day of the week changes per rotation. The time however is almost always at 1 pm or so, which doesn’t work for most people due to school, job, etc… In my place if people raid then it’s always 6-8 pm and every ex raid we had so far was at 1 pm, bar one which was at 10:30 am for some reason.

That being said, be glad that you at least get ex raids. In my town an ex raid hasn’t been triggered since mewtwo. Most of the time less than 20 people raid in the week, which is not enough to trigger an ex raid. And last week about 30 accounts did raid, due to being the last chance to get regigigas, but a raid took place on the gym we picked while the raid passes went out and we got clockblocked, since after 2 years Niantic still didn’t bother fixing this glitch.


My last one (third for Regigigas) was as 6pm which was so nice. Wish they all were at 6pm as in my part of the world most people work 8-5 type schedulea


Yeah, the time at least is good. I can make these after work.

The last few weeks the raid passes have been for the thursday over here, before that they were for wednesday, before that tuesday and so on. The one for next thursday is at 2.30 pm I think, but the last few were at 1.30 pm 11.30am 6.00 pm,… times do vary and it doesn’t seem to be following a patern. Although times do change when the raid passes go out all the raids for the same day are at the same hour even if they are 50 miles apart.

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I would guess that you are raiding at gyms that are commonly being used by the lunch-hour crowd, rather than the after-work crowd. So when it picks the most common times, they will fall around lunchtime, rather than in the evening.

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My first EX Raid (Meotwo, 2018) was at 4 pm, which I couldn’t make for I’d have to travel > 30 km through heavy traffic to get to Hochiminh City.

Fortunately, I made it in my second EX Raid (Regigigas, 2019) which was at 6 pm in the same city. After that, I had to take several buses to get home at around 9 pm. I caught the giant so those 5 hours of my life weren’t wasted.

I wonder if it includes all gym activity, not just raids. I don’t think that the gyms I am talking about are raided at lunch very often; but if you include gym battle, feeding, drops, and spins it makes more sense. Lunch raids are difficult to coordinate when everyone works at a different place; so many solo play at lunch and raid after work.

My local ones vary between 12 - 6pm . Personally I like the lunchtime slot or around 5.15 - getting out of work in the middle of the afternoon is difficult, but I’m lucky in having some flexibility over when I can take a lunchbreak.

If your answer was to me then I can only say that most raid activity over here would be between 5 and 8 pm… but I never got a EX raid after 6 pm nor before 11.30 am

I’ve had to forfeit my last three EX raids because I work 30 minutes away from where I live (and play), so I can’t ever make it back for a 1pm start. If it weren’t for friend invites, I wouldn’t have Regigigas or two Deoxys forms.

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