Why is lute analysis so outdated, like seriously has it ever been updated

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Btw I don’t really think it’s that outdated.
It’s still pretty accurate though.

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I gotchu Ani


Better this than making a topic for a friend code when the mega thread is the first thing you should see.


Throwing shade at the pogo section I see


And the Wizards Unit section to a degree too. PoGo is much worse, but both have had their fair share of moderators having to move them over to the right thread.



We try to remain up to date with as many units as possible. Unfortunately, with the constant slew of new units, new refines and new skills, sometimes it can be rather difficult to keep up.

The newer units and the units with refines are the ones that are higher in priority, however we do make it a point to go back to the old units to update their corresponding builds. One of the writers for instance worked on Brave Roy analysis, the refine got introduced and he is forced to rewrite 60% of the page (which is kind of hilarious).

Essentially, we could never be perfect, but we will do our best. :feh_nino:



Show them some real power


There have been a LOT of analysis updates lately. The writers are doing a great job. Lute’s analysis looks fine as is tbh, so it probably isn’t high on their priority list.


I mean I COULD contribute to writing those “outdated” analysis so that the others can focus on the newer units…

but I don’t think I am qualified enough to analyze a unit or write an analysis that people will take as an official and proffesional analysis, since I suck at writing, and the time when they were employing has come to pass.

but still, the current writers are doing a good job so far so can’t complain.

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Hey, just because a unit is outdated doesn’t mean that they’re bad. That’s such a bad excuse. Lute has an incredible Atk stat that can be used in many way, she can be both an ORKO/OHKO with specific builds. If that doesn’t shine out to people then she can be used as an AoE spammers. The only reason to why she’s underrated and outdated is that you’ve probably never seen a +10 Lute, just admit it. And so are most older units. Ryoma can be used as a OHKO-er if he was easily accessible. If her analysis is outdated, that still doesn’t mean that you can’t build her. So why wait for an analysis when you can build her regardless

They’re soo many examples to go with, yet you chose the wrong one.


Back when they were hiring about a month ago, the site lead revealed that a lot of the work would be updating these. So they’re on it.