Why is Ozy so powerful?

I am trying mine in these days, in the caster node.

I don’t understand, even without considering his advantage versus Casters, why his cards deal so much damage.

Not considering passive and skills.

He just seems to hit harder than other riders.

Am i wrong? Does he have some hidden passive damage multiplier (unlikely) ?

Rider class has highest based attack multiplier among all classes


Oh, this explains a lot. Thank you

he does have divinity, but that only adds a flat +175 to each card

Maybe because of his laugh, and his voice in general


Rider Martha has the worst damage amongst all 4* AOE. Being rider has nothing to do with it, it is just Ozy being strong

No, they really don’t. It’s 1.0x just like Saber and Shielder. Lancer, Ruler, Avenger, and Berserker all have higher modifiers.


I always have this feeling that Ozy hits really hard, without really knowing why. Ozy does have pretty high Atk, and is Buster oriented servant. In my Chaldea I do have Okita and Houkusai who has higher attack than Ozy but they are Quick or Arts based, and use less Buster cards for facecard damage. So maybe that’s why Ozy felt strong. Use his NP at lv1 you will realize it is not that strong.

Absorbs all the crit stars, high attack, 40% reliable attack steroid + a charisma

He’s like his own support


He has two very powerful buffs in addition to divinity. But yeah, riders have 1.0 attack multiplier. Lancers, Berserkers, Avengers and Rulers have higher base damage mods.

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I feel like with his own self buffs and battery, his star weight, his Merlin (and Waver) synergy, his deck, it’s really easy to build momentum for him. Slap a HNS or BG on the guy and it’s super easy to exploit all the multiplicative buffs on his peak turns and spread out a few more buffs in a way to extend his burst window to 4-5 turns. You can really get a snowball of fat crits and NP spam going.

He’s just very consistent and easy to use most of the time, and happens to be motherfreaking Sun God when every buff is up. Maybe that’s why people feel that way.


Rider honestly is also the strongest, most balanced class for a dps servant among all the other regular classes

I mostly like dps riders because of the star weight. Other than that, it seems more like a supportive class to balance that out. Ozy is so great because he is both.

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My Ozy is only NP1 but he hits harder than some NP2 (or that’s the feeling) and his cards hit like a truck.

It seems that i am using a normal rider on steroids

Because he’s Ozy


He has Zyzz-tier roids attack buffs.

Because he is the pharaoh


I haven’t found Ozzy’s NP to be particularly strong at NP1 (that’s why I leave DPS duties to my grailed Ridertoki), but I have found his face cards to be exceptionally strong. Since I tend to use him as a hybrid support rather than DPS when I field him, this suits me just fine. His NP is very good at setting up Ridertoki’s, giving both a Def down on the enemy and giving Kintoki an overcharge if he follows up on the chain.


Oh, i understand.

Even if probably NP1 will shine with a Black Grail and Merlin’s buff (but what NP won’t shine with this set up? )

Anyway, maybe i simply like him and i am letting it blind me. But even at NP1 he seems to do decent damage


Guaranteed Imperial Privilege gives him Berserker-caliber neutral damage for the 3T duration of his s1 and s2 combined with bulk close to that of a Ruler with defensive advantage.

Where he isn’t powerful is simply that he’s a Buster NP Servant without a large battery and with high dependence on his two average Arts cards for NP generation. Crits really boost his potential, but it’s still not ideal.

We’d see Ozy talked about more if he had at least a total 30% battery to make him better compatible with current Buster support setups, but his combination of high damage potential and huge bulk is pretty exceptional.