Why is Summer Kama isn't designed like Morgan?

Please don’t scream at me and say many SSR wish they are as good as Summer Kama. I’m just disappointed they made Summer Kama so similar with Space Ishtar.

Morgan is in the same situation as Summer Kama but Kama got the short end of the stick. Competing with Godjuna is a very tough thing to do. DW gave Morgan a lot of things so she can stand proudly beside Godjuna. Bigger batteries, more utilities, better 3rd skill, more passives etc.

Considering Morgan is released before Summer Kama, why didn’t they do the same thing to her. it feels like they intentionally held back (downgraded) her skill. Even in CQ Summer Kama is not much better than Space Ishtar. Charm can fail, her cards is not much better than space Ishtar & her skill cooldown is longer than space ishtar. Space Ishtar is also more versatile than kama due to her being able to change her np type. Summer Kama ends up more like a downgrade to Space Ishtar than a sidegrade.

The worst of all they didn’t give us the one piece dress.


This above all else is why we should riot!!!


My best guess: I would say they wanted to make a sidegrade to Space Ishtar that wouldn’t powercreep Space Ishtar, so they could avoid people clamoring for an effectivelly meta proof servant to rerun, then when defining Kama Summer’s role decided to kill two birds with one stone.

The real answer: we will likely never know since we have no insiders nor do they talk much about servant design in regards to gameplay itself.



two-piece gang cult rise up! :fgo_koyanchihuahua:


A side note: I feel like the one piece suit we didn’t get is more fitting as her 3rd ascension.


We got 2 untanned BB costumes but not a blue Kama one.

Their priorities are an enigma.


Blue gang rise up!!!


But Summer Kama most of the time feels like a downgrade. Godjuna is effectively meta proof & they made Morgan (Edit: Morgan is very very broken like Godjuna).

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Because Rin is better than Sakura duh.


But… There are more Sakura-face than Rin-face. Thus Sakura is more popular.

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Quality over quantity.


Not really, they both have very minor strengths over the other.

Ishtar ramps up in damage over time.
Kama has static damage except for burst

Kama has extremely high burst potential because of her SE mod.
Ishtar has limited Burst given it’s only 20% NP up.

Kama has slightly better refund and faster NP fo DCS farming.
Ishtar has better scaling with DCS’ steroids.

Kama has 2 hit Evade in 6 turn cooldown
Ishtar has 1 hit Invuln in 5 turn cooldown

Overall, everything that 1 can farm, the other can as well.

Biggest real difference is that Ishtar also works for Buster and Quick while Kama has stronger face cards due to her S3.


Because Morgan is an LB king and DW tries to make sure that all LB kings are strong, at least on release.

I do think SKama needs a tweak to bring her up a bit (she should be a better arts farmer than generalist SPishtar), but even without it, being a competitive meta unit is pretty good. She could have ended up like multiple other SSRs that almost no one uses.

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Here I ready with my popcorn :feh_popcorrin:


How much stronger?

Up to 100% powermod, she needs to stack a debuff for it to reach 100% but her S3 makes so every attack of hers will apply said debuff.


Increases own damage against enemies with Heartfelt Blaze debuff by (0% + 10% * N) for 3 turns.

Does the powermod also apply to her np?

Yes, but only her normal cards apply the debuff.

does her extra card apply the debuff?

My queen’s amusement when someone suggests another servant could equal or surpass her.