Why is surtr not a beast?

So if you played lostbelt 2 already and follow the story, you’ll know that we face surtr right? At that state, why is surtr not considered a beast? Sure in pan human history i can see surtr not a beast because surtr in pan human ends the age of gods (ragnarok) so he’s not a threat to humanity, but surtr in lostbelt 2 is definitely a threat to humanity considering age of gods never really ended and humans are doomed to extinction if surtr isn’t stopped. What do you guys think?

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All Beasts are threats to humanity, but not all threats of humanity are beasts - they specifically need to specify an “evil of humanity” and in some capacity hold some sort of “love” (even if twisted or wrong) for humanity, and Surtr doesn’t appear to have that?


Hmm, i forgot that most beast do have some kind of love to humanity except few of them because we lack exposition for them (beast 6 and fou), you made a fair point, thanks.


Imterestingly, none of the beasts actually have the Threat to Humanity trait. Rather, it’s the Foreigners (minus MHXX), the Fantasy Trees, Gorgon, and the Mecha Eli-Chans. Why the Beasts, Demon Pillars, and some others (e.g. God Arjuna, Surtr, BB, etc.) aren’t I have no idea. Probably gameplay considerations more than actual lore.