Why is this listed as a con for Shining?

So in the recent “Should you pull?” article, it’s listed as a con for Shining that she doesn’t offer as much arts mitigation as Nigjtingale. To me this seems off to say the least. Its kind of like saying it’s a con that Silverash doesn’t do arts damage. Its just not what either operator were designed to do. It just seems a little unfair to me, but is there some logic behind it that I’m missing?

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Because you lose out on all of her benefits (increases defense) and the other medics - ptilopsis, warfarin, silence etc. become more useful because of their ulility.

Shining is a great medic, but she’s not a solve all, and you need to build other medics as well. That’s what it’s trying to say.


I have to agree with you on how they shouldn’t list Shining’s S2 lesser Arts protection as a con. Following that same path of reasoning, the same can be said to Nightingale that her S2 shield will be not as good in providing physical defense to her allies compared to Shining.
It is true that the shield absorbs slightly less damage and it can absorb all 3 types of damage, but I think the skill is intended to further reinforces defense against physical attack in a fast and consistent manner. Shining is designed to be Physical damage mitigation specialist with ST healing prowess.
Of course Nightingale, being the Arts damage mitigation specialist, will provide better protection against Arts. The fact that she have talent that passively provides RES, adding that with her S2 which further increases RES to at max 3 operators , makes her a clear choice for dealing Arts-heavy stage.
The point is, I think it is completely natural that Shining will offer less protection to Arts damage compared to Nightingale since they offer protection on completely different kind of attack, and therefore that fact shouldn’t be treated as a negative trait. (But I’m not against the idea of mentioning that fact since that information can be helpful for new players)
Of course, this is just my opinion on the matter and I could be wrong about it. Take it with a grain of salt.

The reason is 6*medic we have now are only Shining and Nightingale and they have some similarities in S2. Then they compare it and found out that Shining S2 is less useful. From 1 to 3 targets and 3 to 5 second compare to Nightingale.

Yeah its an odd thing to put down as a disadvantage. I think in general it would be okay to say that defense buffs usually aren’t as impactful as res buffs and in that sense Nightingale buffs provide more of an impact. However, the way they worded it sounds odd.

I think what they’re trying to say really is that from a mechanics stand point is that the Def buff is lesser compared to a res buff. This is due to most times medics usually would heal the defenders since defenders usually take the brunt if not all of the incoming dmg late into the stage and they have usually their own potent Def buffs + high defense for mitigating the dmg for them. I can see the argument for it in the early parts of a stage to protect your vanguards but outside of that the potency of Def buffs falls off compared to res buffs since Casters and Arts drones hurt and the latter usually won’t care about placement order after a certain point (well, ignore your defenders placement at least)