Why IVs largely don't matter (PvE)

I was going to write up this long post about IVs and why for the most part they really don’t matter and then I found this handy video. This is from a raiding perspective. IVs are a little more important in PvP because of IV caps but still not something to focus too hard on. For raiding, unless you are trying to solo a raid boss or short-man a T5 raid, IVs aren’t going to make a huge difference. You’ll shave seconds off the time to win. You’d see a larger benefit by using better counters or powering up the Pokemon to a higher level.

Tl:dr - If you got a 10/10/10 Psystrike Mewtwo and your friend got a 15/10/10 boo hoo your friend can solo a Machamp a second faster than you.

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This is all very true. Base stats, typing, and available movesets are all vastly more important than IVs. Sure, there have been some occurrences where a Mon can hit a breakpoint against a certain raid boss only with an attack IV of 15 (Origin Giratina is one of them), but that’s also before the friendship bonus is factored in. Once that’s added to the equation (even just the great friends bonus), that final 15 attack breakpoint disappears.

At the end of the day, any obsession with IVs realistically comes down to two things: bragging rights and wanting your dust/candy investments to go towards the best possible version of a Mon. Legendaries, in particular, don’t exactly feel rare, so people will often want a high IV one (that’s also shiny if they’re really lucky) to separate them from the pack.


I find myself constantly struggling with this and how I want to play this game. I have heard so many conflicted things about IVs. At first I was told you had to have high IVs if you wanted to have good pokemon. Then I heard from many people it doesn’t matter as much as long as you have a good moveset. I find myself sometimes stressing too much over trying to get both a good moveset and high IVs that I have probably trashed some pokemon that could have helped me immediately (high level and good moveset but bad IVs for example). Then I remind myself its just a game and have fun with it man, ya know, but then it comes back around and I stress over what I have. I don’t even have people to show it off to lol. I just have always been like that - wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was. haha. I wish the IV system was never created because it stresses me out man. I understand why it’s there, but, dang.

I guess maybe I stress over it more because I mostly do solos. Those few extra seconds are precious to me.


While it is true that IVs matter the least out of the whole package, they are also the only ones that can be selected by the trainer, while at the same time can’t be changed on a caught pokemon.
Base stats are the same for the each specimen of a species. You can’t change them.
Typings are part of the species and can’t be changed
Movesets can be changed via TM, unless they are legacy.
Levels can be increased by powering up.
That leaves one only one factor left that is set in stone for on individual specimen of a species, which are IVs.

The main reason why people pick on IVs is because they can’t be changed and because powering up and maxing a single pokemon takes a lot of stardust and candies. So why not get the best for that, instead of wasting it on something that’s middle of the road and that you might get a better version of in the future?

I do short man raids from time to time and in general I prefer to have a team that can show its full potential. Due to that I have a personal rule, where I only power up pokemon whose IVs are above 90% and have at least 14 attack, since in raids said stat is way more important.

As of Mewtwo mentioned above. I personally wasn’t able to get a psystrike during the week it was here, due to not having time in the first days and later getting a suspension due to Niantic’s unintentionall Xiaomi ban, which was resolved after Mewtwo was already gone. In the make up raid hour today I got 5. (14/13/11; 15/12/12; 11/15/14; 14/11/15;10/12/10).
All are way worse than what I would normally power up, which is why I will see if I’ll get lucky with some lucky trades. Hopefully I won’t get screwed over with garbage 12 and 13 attack luckies. Otherwise I’ll power up either the 14/11/15 or the 15/12/12. At the end of the day, Mewtwo won’t be that useful due to psychic in general not being useful outside of Machamp raids and the upcoming Terrakion raids. So having one maxed out is enough for me.

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You’re under-selling the ubiquity of these circumstances. In my experience, raids where you’re worried about beating the timer are in the majority. Even if you’re only saving a few seconds, those few seconds are the ones which matter most.


I’m willing to bet most of the people on this forum who are in this situation would perform better by focusing on the appropriate counters, the appropriate moves, and then the IVs and powering up. Remember when everyone used Aggron because it was in the recommended list and players didn’t understand why they couldn’t beat a boss with a hundo Aggron?


Discussions about IV usually get to the topic of best moveset and appropriate counters for raids, but when someone has to short-man a raid the IV of their Pokémon matter and stardust is not always available for all our needs, thus it’s best to use it on the best options, avoiding the waste of resources in the long run

Powering up an Aggron is a big example of wasted resources, doesn’t even matter the Individual Values it has, I’d say it’s best not to delve in that topic

I completely agree with everything you’re saying. However, I’ve witnessed plenty of instances where the obsession over IVs results in…questionable decisions being made. For instance, the other day, I watched as a kid transfered a lvl 35 wild caught weather boosted Excadrill with MS/DR. His reason? It had only 70%-ish IVs and he needed the extra candy to work on powering up his lvl 12 hundo. The Excadrill he caught and transferred was perfectly useable as-is, given its high level and already having the optimal moveset. However, because the IVs were suboptimal, he viewed it useless and binned it for a single Drilbur candy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total Poke-elitist when it comes to my Mons and determining which ones get invested in. That said, its painful to watch people casually discard Mons that require little to no investment simply because the IV craze gives them the impression that anything under X% isn’t even worth keeping.


Back when Tyranitar was soloable, that required a full team of maxed Machamps with 98+% IVs (and partly cloudy weather, of course).

At the end of the day this is a collecting game. People collect in different ways. Some people just collect one of each mon. Others want each gender. And some want high or perfect IVs. It is really just a way to lengthen a game that has a finite number of mons. This thread could just as easily be titled “Why Shiny largely doesn’t matter” but a large majority of players lose their minds over shinies even though all that is is a color swap. But to the mathematical point of the argument, yes IVs matter very little, and even less as the base stats increase. A perfect Alakazam will never be better than a 0/0/0 Mewtwo.

This topic has been beaten over the head about a thousand times lol but IVs still matter, espically when you don’t have a large group consistently and that added benefit of more damage output and more staying power which = less revives. Also i really don’t wanna waste dust on a pokemon when later i’ll just get a better one.

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Is this a thing? For real?

Then you should not power any pokémon, because there will always be a better one. Except maybe for psystrike Mewtwo, being released 3 years after game launch. How have been these 3 years without powering up anything? At some point you have to draw a line.

Now you’re just embellishing. If i have a 98 im gonna power it up, if i have a 60 im not even gonna bother.

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It’s funny how this guy says “IVs don’t matter that much” yet collects 96+ mons and shows differences of 3-9 out of 107 seconds… A 8.5% faster TTW means a lot for soloing/shortmanning raids of 180s. That’s more than 15s won, more than what we gain with the lobby trick!

But that’s when comparing 0% vs 100%, most of the times we are comparing 100% vs what… 80-90%? There, the difference becomes marginal. And then, IVs are only interesting for two reasons:

  • If you’re maxing out anyway, the better IVs mean a stronger pokémon… but not by much ;
  • If you’re not maxing out, better IVs means it’s cheaper to reach the same performance, but it will still be doable with the lower IV mon.

Personnally, I stopped stressing out about IVs. The only relevant 100% I have are Torchic and Granbull… Otherwise, I power up pokémon when I need it, at which point I just power up the best compromise I have with IVs/level. I don’t keep high IV low levels, I rather keep high levels (say, >25) and then select the best IV among them. And I am perfectly fine powering a lucky 80% over a 96% non lucky, especially if the first one has a higher level to begin with, since I can power up the lucky to a higher level and still spend less stardust.

What if you get yourself 5 MM Metagrosses but the best you’ve got is 55% (yeah, that’s shitty luck)?

At what level did you start playing raids? And at what level did you start with the very small groups?

Let me tell you level is way more important then IV.

Even with level 40 - 37 - 35 - 30 players we could get armored Mewtwo down with only 4 players (and not one had a 100 IV counter) I played everyday with that group and we never lost a raid.

IV’s do matter but level matters more, the right pokemon in the right place matters more,… I’m telling you that new players never can power anything if they have to wait for the right pokemon to catch. (chances in the wild of finding a 100 IV are 1/4096 (no weather boost) to 1/216 in raids).

But new players can’t be in raids unless they have the right pokemon…

That’s another embellishment. I wouldn’t evolve 5 55% beldum to metagross. I’d evolve my 98% that im sitting on for December :man_shrugging:

I already know what’s more important than IVs. It’s pretty obvious that level 1 perfect mamoswine will under-perform against a level 40 0% one. I didn’t say “IVs are the only thing that matters and are the most important thing in the game” I just play to get as close to perfects as i can. i have over 50 98%s that are meta relevant and those i definitely keep and power up, but people saying “they dont matter”, they do for the reasons i’ve already listed.


Let me rephrase: Say Beldum community is closing in 5min, it’s your last chance to get some with Meteor Mash, and the best you’ve got is a 55%. You would still evolve it right?