Why, Nitocris? Just...why?

Why do you need 180 bones? You know I love you, but I just don’t have that kind of time.

Heheh. Just realized that sounds kinda dirty. But seriously, girl.
Then Nito all like fate_grand_order_caster_nitocris_by_omiza_zu_dd42cfv-fullview|434x500


Thanks for the reminder on how many she needs. I was just wondering about that. :fgo_gudako:

But remember that Nitocris does her magic just fine with skills at 10 8 1, just 60 bones needed then :slight_smile:


In my experience, she performs perfectly well even at 8/8/1 skill levels. Considering that my Chaldea already ate 800 bones and plans to eat 100 more when Paracelsus gets his skill upgrade… Nitocris is slotted for those bones sometime after Christmas lotto farm, if even then ;p

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I have her at 8/8/2 (not that s3 matters), and she will occasionally fail to kill some bronze enemies without Devilish Bodhisattva or another method of OC, like NP chain or Edison’s buff.

Irrelevant when fighting low HP mobs since they’ll die anyway, but annoying not being able to guarantee IK where consistency is desired. I almost pulled the trigger on her s1, but I can’t justify dumping most of my bone stash for this convenience when I can just use DB for the Gear node in Shinjuku, for example. If I had a few hundred bones right now, sure. But not when I have fewer than 100 and so many Servants who want them just for their Ascensions, never mind their skills.

I’d say, to 10/10/10 her, you need her to be your most beloved servant. Because it’s just brutal.

I’ve thought about taking her battery up to 10 because kscope plus 120% battery is instant 200% OC. And then my brain turns on and says “Baka! You have 2 Devilish Bottivahs! That’s 300% OC! Save the bones for someone who needs them!”

Only real reason for the max the battery should be for longer fights for the cool down reduction, but now that looper sieg is here with np5, besides already having DaVinci… Nito isn’t my go to mage for longer fights. (she’s probably glad I gave the lores to Ozy anyway)

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I had that thought too, but using her mostly to clean 2 waves with a starting KScope 80% and 20% from support Waver/Merlin (mine are already at Bond 10) I think that thought will be left for the unknown future

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My Nito is 2/4/1 and she’s going pretty well if you ask me

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This is the reason to max out s1.


Yeah I left her at 10/8/6 personally. If you only use her for farming that’s really all you need. Other people need bones too.

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Other people like Paracelsus, Kiyohime, Billy, Spartacus, Shiki, Nobu, Hundred Personas, Inshun, Carmilla, Vlad III, Raikou, Fran-chan, Tamamo (caster), Ivan, First Hassan, Suzuka Gozen, Jack, Drake…

No wonder why I need more than 1500 bones


This is why i never calculate how many mats i need overall, knowing the amount just makes it more painful.


The point about Paracelsus is practically a PSA.

Anyone who’s serious about looping options going forward is going to care about having bones to fully enable his 2 and 3 if they’re like me and haven’t gotten around to raising them yet.

Paracelsus can wait, because he really needs his 3rd skill upgrade. His 1st skill at lv.10 gives him 80% NP, his 2nd skill at lv.10 gives 20% increase in arts cards for 3 turns (Tamamo gives 50% for 3 turns, Mozart gives 44% for 1 turn and Helena gives 20% for 3 turns).

After he gets his upgrade, I’ll level up his skills to 10/10/10 (currently at 8/8/5)


It’s worth it.

Sheba demanded 108 of my Stakes about a week before Ereshkigal demanded 216 while i had barely 70 and i did that shit.

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Oh, I forgot about that, I’d better farm 144 bones then, all of her skills benefit a lot from leveling.

I’ll still have to wait until I get some void dust in order to reach the point where she needs bones for her skills, but I may as well have the bones ready

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I’ll repost this here from another thread just for your bone hell reference~

Altera’s merciless on the bones.

I’ve got over 300 bones now, bring it on altera! :fgo_insane:

of course she’s only np1 vs my 9/9/10 np2 Mordred…


I mean, she really only needs 60.

She’s 100% functional at 10/8/x