Why no Beast Balls for Kartana?

I managed to duo (just barely) a Kartana raid, and then noticed that it proved extraordinarily hard to catch, despite throwing curveballs with Golden Razz Berries. I didn’t even manage to catch it at all before I ran out of balls. I also noticed that for some reason I’d been given the plain old Premier Balls (like for most bosses) rather than the Beast Balls I got after my successful Pheromosa raid.

I wonder if that’s why I couldn’t catch Kartana—it easily escapes any ball that isn’t a Beast Ball? But if that’s the case, why didn’t Niantic give me Beast Balls this time?

As an aside, this particular Kartana was running Air Slash + Aerial Ace, which is why it was so hard to beat—Mega Zard and most of the usual counters take neutral damage from both moves, whereas they’d doubly resist Razor Leaf + Leaf Blade or X-Scissor. Kartana raids are especially subject to the luck of the draw in this regard.

I think it’s the same catch rate as a normal legendary/mythical. It’s a bit more difficult though because the circle is smaller. There’s not beast balls, because it’s no special event like last time: you have a lot more time doing raids.
Air slash/ace indeed is brutal, also because it’s attack stat is so high, then neutral damage is quite a lot. Heatran can help a lot here


It seems like the Beast Ball is reserved for major events like Gofest. Kartana is merely the current T5 boss during a random event that will begin on the 16th. Nothing as important as Gofest or even a Safari Zone.

Like you said, its luck of the draw. Then add in how small it is & how difficult it is to catch. This one and Celesteela are bosses where I get the dex entry, maybe accept a few invites to help friends, and be done with them.

The lack of Beast Balls is only a cosmetic thing, but again one of those small touches that niantic really could sort out with minimal difficulty.

I’ve not had trouble with a Kartana yet, I’ve done 5 raids including duos and it wasn’t tricky. Even with AS-AA L40 Flareon has a TTW on Pokebattler of 430 with one relobby so allowing for a margin of error it shouldn’t be too tricky and should also give you the max damage balls. Moreso if you raid with an Ultra or Best Friend. I imagine if it was windy, that might get a bit more difficult without optimal counters.

The catch circle is small, very small, which is a pain in the arse. I’ve not missed one yet, but doubtless it’ll happen. Disappointing when Kartana is only the second (Xurkitree being the other) T5 in a fair while I’ve really wanted to get hold of.

any opinions as to whether Kartana is worthwhile for raids or PVP? Attack stat is sky high at 343 but likely a glass cannon due to lowish defense and low HP. I assume the PVP gurus will say “don’t bother”. Double weakness to fire is a problem for PVP I gather

Of course not for pvp. But I will use happily one or two to have some more relaxed Kyogre (or similar) raids. It is, by far, the best grass type attacker

No idea re PvP, but I’m definitely going for Kartana for my PvE teams, it’s the best grass-type DPS you’ll fine and outdoes everything bar the as yet unreleased Mega-Sceptile vs Kyogre. I’ve already lucky traded for one and have more lined up.

Granted, it’s not the most useful type, but it’s the best at it for now. Anyone who says it’s too glassy for PvE probably forgets that Gengar is less bulky and very few people had a problem using that. Check out the DPS/TDO results vs Kyogre:

Got some use. Steel+Grass is a decent typing so that low bulk is somewhat negated. Not sure if UL or ML gives it more play but Leaf Blade+Night Slash is a good combo. Definitely a win-hard-lose-hard play but worth it if you’re going to power it up for PvE anyway (remember, even lvl30 is better than maxed shadow Venusaur).

Charged moves are great for UL and good for ML. Problem is, razor leaf does nothing in ML (bar Kyogre) and basically only swampert In UL. I think it’s not even a pvp niche.
I got a 151513 today, will power it up, it’s simply too good as grasser

Not gonna lie, that little paper-cut-hazard is by far the hardest raid boss to catch! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Kinda wish they either made it closer in the field or else made the catch-rate easier.

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