As one of my Awakening waifus, I was hoping for Say’ri to show up in FEH, but they had to introduce her at a time in which I’m trying to save orbs! I have no choice but to summon! I have 80 orbs and I was planning to spend some money (for the guaranteed pull at least) anyway since a con trip ended up being cancelled on account of the pandemic, but still… And honestly, I might try to go for as many merges as possible because I like her that much. The unit I was planning on saving for was Legendary or Brave Edelgard for merges. Even though I like Edelgard a lot, she’s not a waifu for me like Say’ri (that honor for my 3H waifu goes to Bernie); I prefer to ship her with Byleth (either) than myself, if that makes any sense. Should I focus on Edelgard only right now or the waifu?

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I would save and wait for a rerun.
Colour sharing…
4unit banner…
Red hell…


If you can go for the 40th summon


Outside of the free unit after 40 summons unless you mind getting whoever the other unit is it’s probably not worth it.

Yeah, the 40th summon makes sense at least.

I’m curious if I end up getting Say’ri on my way to the 40th summon, should I try to get an extra copy to merge or get Mirabilis as my guaranteed summon? Sometimes it happens. I got Larcei with my first summon ticket back on her debut banner and while I was going in for Shannan, I got 4 more copies of her.

I’ve heard people speculate we could get Mirabilis for free, but I’m skeptical. While I already have Duma and Thrasir for Anima Mythics, she could replace Legendary Azura as the refresher on my AR defense team in Anima season.


135 orbs for her

Not too much

I would go for her

Who needs Bagelgard when you have…

I have nothing clever to say about Say’ri’s name.

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Not much to say, really



It all comes to what you value most in the long run.
If you need a mythic for anima season it will help you score better and receive more rewards that will help you in the future but that’s something you need to look at yourself the opportunity cost if it’s worthwhile or not.

Don’t waste any more orb, but use the tickets to go to the 40th summon and get at least one copy (more if you’re very lucky).

I’m breaking for Say’ri. I’m pissed they’re adding her because I wanted to save for L!Edelgard’s retun or B!Exelgard, but I have a +10 OG!El who still serves me superbly.

I want Say’ri.


Same here.

I’d say go for the 40th summon to grab that one copy, but not go too try hard

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Wow, I’m saddened I didn’t think of that.

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Don’t feel bad. I didn’t think of it until just a few minutes ago.