Why, oh why, did I bother

“Oh, Shamir is sharing with W!Manuela on the sparkable Three Hopes banner. Well, I only need 3 more Shamir to +10 and maybe demote Manuela will do better than her 1 copy in 198 on her debut banner. Worth summoning on.”

I’m an idiot. 179 orbs for 1 Manuela and spark copy Shamir, plus a pitybreaker Phina (utter garbage fodder) and 4 star special rate Celica, Horse Chrom and Helbindi.

Didn’t expect to get 3 Shamir but one plus the spark would’ve been nice and over her debut and here I’ve spent 377 orbs for my favourite teacher. Not all on red, I accept (red/colourless before, red/green here), but assuming an even split that’s 188 on red and me in the 5% unluckiest for 2 copies of a seasonal demote. Had been hoping I’d see a few here and then some more on the double special banner when I was going to be going in for Lyre and her Catch 3 bridge fodder but… honestly, why bother? My summoning luck’s been poor to awful for over a year and its not going to change. It’ll just be 180 orbs wasted again.

Ugh, stupid game. Stupid me for trying. After the pileup of awful luck from Dec-Feb I’d sworn off having goals beyond sparking for the unit I want on new banners (given I’m no longer allowed my most wanted unit outside the spark) so I guess I should’ve stuck to that. I know this isn’t a huge amount spent for poor returns but just having that faint hope that luck will change smashed to pieces again does hurt.

Anyway, sorry for the whining but, ugh, I guess I needed to let it out and you poor sods are the only outlet I have.


Sorry to hear. :frowning:

If Letizia wasn’t on the last NH banner and now the 3H Summer Lords and Summer Mici, maybe I also considered going for the spark road on one of the 3H banners.

Should have been expected a better haul on a 3 focus banner + spark, but seems like people still getting robbed. :frowning:


Sucks to hear that :pensive: I had a feeling that banner was too good to be true but still ended up spending a couple orbs also. B!Marth showed up for me and I told myself to just take the loss instead of dropping everything I have on it. Still a little salty bc Manuela is gorgeous but gotta stay strong. Hopefully you can recover your orbs (and luck) soon :pray:


If B!Marth had showed up instead of Phina I’d be a lot happier.

Definitely don’t keep trying for her despite her gorgeousness, she’s clearly passed out drunk somewhere so can’t currently be summoned. My only hope for her is her base alt suffers from the prfless demote healer curse. She’d be an immediate milf pro- merge project.


Luck is a capricious bitch… sorry about that Galaxia. There will be better summoning days :3


There isn’t a 4* rate up on this kind of banners, Manuela is treated like a normal 5*. Anyways, it sucks when you are having dry luck, I hope you get better luck in the future!


Yeah, I didn’t realize this myself but these daily banners do not have 4 Star Focuses

So yeah, you got baited, my dude. This was not the banner to merge Manuela. Feel ya on that rough luck, though. Been there myself with freaking Fiora…


Unfortunate about your lack of luck. :breadsive:

I was in the same type of conundrum about Summer Sylvain, but after seeing that there wasn’t any 4-star Focus, I decided it would be better to merge him during his original banner rerun. I’m mostly awaiting Summer Ingrid’s turn on this round of Three Hopes banners , as I do want to +10 her. I’ll hope for as many copies of her as I can until the spark, and will finish her alongside Sylvain on the return banner. :feh_lilithpray:


Well, darn. Totally missed that. Now I can be annoyed for a different reason.


Good luck with Ingrid. She’s crazy gorgeous. I would love to be able to merge her and Dorothea on the banner but, yeah, not going near that impending orb disaster.


I’m hoping for at least 1 Ingrid before the spark. :feh_lilithpray:

She’s +5 now, and my Sylvain is only +1, so I’d like to be able to ‘‘easily’’ finish both on their rerun banner.


I feel your pain


Seems to be a lot of gatcha salt here recently. They really want us in bad shape for CYL don’t they?

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