Why Rath?

I’m curious. I get that he’s some people’s favorite unit, I really do. I’ve invested a hell of a lot into Kana, Felicia, and Lucina. But how do you justify investing so much into a unit that’s sub par, especially compared to other similar acting units? He’s almost exactly like Python, weaker than Lyn, less defense than V!Roy, etc. This is the most feasible use I’ve seen for him, and it takes very significant fodder to make it happen. Anyone else as confused as I am or have a good reason for it? I’m not here to argue or invalidate your opinions, I’m trying to understand.


He has an earring? :feh_lucyshrug:


Well, you just answered your own question there.


I can think of two reasons.

1: :pkmn_wynaut:



He’s a cool dude


Imagine investing into a character because you love them amirite


So PheonixMaster1 can be happy

Blazing Sword fans are rejoicing with this banner. Pretty much all reasons to build and seriously use him are for personal reasons–themed teams, favoritism from using him in his game, etc. In the long run though, he is not an ideal bow cav to build unless one is able to ignore his struggles against red heroes. He doesn’t even have ideal fodder, but at least he’s got an extra 4* focus on this banner and non-Grail Defense Smoke 3 fodder at 5*.

I grew up on Blazing Sword, Rath was cool and fun to use, but I didn’t like him that much as a character. I’m not going all-out to summon for him or anything. My orbs went to Leila instead :feh_legion:


See I’m in your boat. My first game was blazing blade and I didn’t care about him because even in the game he wasn’t that great. Lyn, Hector, Eliwood, Heath, Lute all damn day.


Well why did you build Kana, Felicia and Lucina then


Yeah but I can see much more utility out of someone with a lull ATK/SPD refine, a physical damage refine for lower of def/res, and someone who can swap and act again than another green bow when we just got Python like a month ago. Not to mention he’s already in the 4* pool but people are pulling off of a 5* banner for him.

Basically answered in my response to Chippaponi. That and their stat lines are much more balanced by comparison. I don’t foresee a green bow cav doing the same amount of work for me that these three have. Not trying to sound too defensive, but they’ve already proven themselves in getting me above tier 21 and through Abyssals innumerous times.

Like others have said, because they like them. Pretty sure that’s the reason why people build 90% of the units they do.

Yeah, I get it. I was trying to see if there was a number valued answer to it… Something I wasn’t seeing.

Love the wynaut reference btw

I mean… you either like a unit or the unit is very usefull… there isn’t really much more to it.


He cool :pkmn_sphealcool:

And I think he’s far from bad. Being a green bow isn’t the best thing in the world but he still ties B!Lyn in Atk and Spd while beating her in everything but Res. Not bad at all for a 3-4* unit.

Would’ve prefered it if he was red or colorless though


Rath is really popular and, unless you are a new player, you don’t really need to pull for “strong” units (unless you need them for certain modes, like mythics for AR or that new mode with Thorr). I’m a D1 player and I forgot the last time I pulled a new unit because they were strong and not because I liked them

And let’s be honest, Sue, Wolt and Python aren’t that special so I don’t see anything wrong in build Rath rather than the other green archers

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To a degree, I don’t see a problem with it either. They’re not my orbs in the end. Being a 4* he’ll be easily accessible later, I’m just surprised so many are risking other 5* potential for someone who WILL be easily available later.

For me it’s somewhat the opposite, I actively avoid building favorites unless they are generally competitively strong. I have no problem building a hero I don’t have significant prior attachment to as long as 1) they don’t have awful personalities/voice lines and 2) they have powerful exclusive skills that scale well into the future. For example, I took an immediate interest in Shannan last month because Balmung is a hell of a drug, even though I’ve never played Genealogy of the Holy War. Otherwise, I’d be whaling pointlessly for a +10 Fiora on the current banner. To me it just doesn’t make sense to do that no matter the angle. :feh_lucyshrug:

This is also why Soleil goes straight in the garbage can whenever I get her, where 0/10 characters belong. :feh_surtr:


Same. There’s only two red bows and two blue ones, and suddenly we get 4 green? Why not another colorless bow cav?