Why the delay?

Sooooo, we’re due to see a recycled Ex Raid boss and another roundabout of Giratina-A. While the general populace is freaking out over shiny Giratina, and I’m sure everyone’s gonna be stocking up on Ancientpower Giratina-A for future T5 raids (sort of an exaggeration lol, but these have been used vs Deoxys-D and M2 soooooo).

Meanwhile, where’s Regigigas? Darkrai? Arceus? Shaymin? Manaphy? Gen 5 just got released. Why are we having another re-run, much less one for a Pokemon who’s only worth a damn in PvP?

What about kecleon?


They had to do shiny releases of legendaries sooner or later…guess they went with that. Gen 5 legendaries should come after Giratina.

Realistically, they never ‘had’ to do shiny anything. Sure, they were probably enticed to do so because folks freak out over cosmetics for some reason. But they’re just cosmetics. They don’t actually change the game in a meaningful way. Giratina-A sucks in PvE regardless of what skin its donning, and it rules Ultra League in the same way.

Some pokemon are only worth a damn in PvE. So who cares if there’s a PvP centered raid boss? As we move forward and PvP gets more popular, there should be everything for everyone to enjoy.

Some players of this game are pure collectors and braggers, right? :wink:

Yes. Incidentally, a lot of those people are the ones taking AP Giratina and Aggron to Mewtwo raids :wink:

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My issue here isn’t that, as I am an avid PvPer myself. It’s that we’re seeing yet another re-run when the door is so wide open that it’s off the hinges to bring in something new.

I was only responding to that as I felt you made a scathing comment on Gira-A. So I wanted to defend my boy.

I’m sure everyone wants something new, myself included. But these past couple months have just shown us that content is limited. Every single legendary whether useless or useful will make a return some point or another. So just go with the flow, new bosses will eventually come.

I’m personally more mad the Mewtwo is the EX boss again. Gira-A is fine as everyone was pretty much expecting it and Origin form to come back around Halloween with shinies, but I’m sure a very small percent of people were expecting M2 to be the “new” EX. Imo that’s what you should be mad about. Mythicals like Darkrai or Arceus have more of a chance showing up as EX bosses than regular T5. Now they just got that chance taken away by Mewtwo

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Mewtwo is somewhat ‘new’ due to Psystrike being introduced and dramatically changing how it functions in this game.

They could’ve at least given Giratina Shadow Force with its shiny. There’s a rather long laundry list full of legendaries missing their signature moves. And at least it would’ve given the event some appeal aside from “we took the same thing and dressed it up a bit, here you go!”

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I’m with you on this one. I freaking love Mewtwo, but I feel like we’re at a point of Mewtwo overload. We had it as an EX raid boss for a full year, then it got a global release w/o Shadow Ball for a month, then it came back with armor and different stats, and we’re just finishing up its most recent rerun with Psystrike and shininess. And now it’s gonna be around for (likely) another full year as an EX raid boss again. I never thought I’d say this, but I think too much Mewtwo might actually be a thing, for me anyways.

That said, Mewtwo is popular and I’ve seen plenty of people salivate over variants with Shadow Ball, ever since the move went legacy. I’m sure it will draw people in, so maybe I’m in the minority here. I was just hoping for something new and exciting instead of a recycled EX raid boss. Arceus would have got me raiding, a lot for EX passes. Mewtwo, not as much.

You make good points but I’ll still say that the Mewtwo decision is worst. Every other legend apart from M2 has had their shiny released first. Mewtwo’s return is just the beginning of legendary rereleases with their signature moves. That didn’t guarantee that every rerelease will have their signature. We’ll probably see legends like Ho-oh or Lugia get their signatures first before Gen 4 or 5 legends even dream of getting theirs.

Why does Mewtwo differ from other legends in that it gets both it’s shiny and signature at the same time of release? Idk? (Honestly it probably just special treatment but whatever)

Shiny SB Mewtwo is not appealing in the slightest for me and I like Mewtwo. I just don’t like it enough to consider it new content.

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Well, because it simply isn’t. We’ve seen SB M2 before, and we’ve seen shiny M2 before. I guess we haven’t seen shiny SB M2 yet, but who cares? The obsession over cosmetics has always stupified me.

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I agree. I love the shinies, but the way people salivate over them in this game does rather concern me a bit.

But overall, since shinies seem to be considered “new” content by Niantic. Shiny Gira-A release is much better than shiny SB Mewtwo for the simple reason that we haven’t yet gotten shiny Gira but we do have shiny M2. (That’s kinda what I was trying to say earlier in my first reply)

Edit: Basically even if SB M2 is more relevant, shiny gira is closer to being considered “new” content

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The way I see it is that a lot of us are past the endgame with the game in its current state. Not that I think the game is in a bad place right now, quite the contrary, but what makes it drastically different from the MSGs is that we do not get to start each new generation fresh from level one with level one starters; around midway through gen 2 in PoGO, day-one players were already balls-deep covered in terms of meta-relevant fighters and had little to no need to upgrade our teams. So we build upon our teams, already having some of the best Pokemon that have been available already maxed and in great quantities. Sure, a few new exciting species have come here and there to dethrone the previous king title-holder from each of the most relevant types, but there was little improvement to be made and this trend has continued.
I mean, Rampardos becoming the next rock emperor was exciting and all, but in truth, there was and still is little need for them when you have at least a full team or five of SD Ttar that already fill that role and are still only slighlty behind their ursurper.
So of course at this stage cosmetics have taken a hige rise is subjective importance to a lot of players. A hundo is always more valuable, but a difference in HUE that is also very rare stands out immediately, and feels “special,” even in cases where they are massively distributed due to events and whatnot because they are not guaranteed to have good IVs, so just getting a shiny isn’t that relevant by itself, you also have to hunt for a GOOD one which makes the hunt and struggle much more endearing for collectors.
Adding to that point is the fact that this kind of games draw in the collector-type of gamers that thrive on getting the rarest of the rarest just for the personal fulfillment of KNOWING they own them, let alone the bragging rights that stem from it.
I never had the chance to catch a good Snorlax back in the day, but by the time Blissey dropped it became unnecessary. Now I spent a whole two weeks battling grunts looking for a good shadow version of it just because I wanted one, not because I needed it (the hunt is still on for Shadow Dratini and Larvitar). When I finally cuaght one, I didn’t hesitate to max it still in shadow form. Why? Well because I can! I have the resources amassed from years and years of grinding and I have no spots left in my teams that need to be filled that could be an objectively better use of those resources. I know a lot of people that feel that way and are in that situation, offline and online.
So what’s left to do for players like us? We can’t just evolve the next best pseudos right off the gate because we are fully aware that they are obvious candidates for a CD move that might improve them if we save them thanks to years of conditioning by Niantic. And in cases where there are exceptions (like a few legendaries that are not restricted by one time only events -yet) the reality is that we simply do not need them. I do not need more dragons and my team of maxed Groudon gets me through just fine, so I havent evolved any of my good Gible, despite the fact that I can evolve around three and max them fully AND I love Garchomp. It is simply not worth it to me knowing what I could lose by being impatient.

So when shiny Giratina-O comes around, I -already owning 3 maxed ones, an army of legacy Gengar and a bigger army of Tyranitar to go against psychic raid bosses- will most certainly only be tempted to max another one of its a shiny with decent IVs, simply because I can. Again, not because I need it. The same goes with the current Mewtwo, of which my recent hundo became the sixth one I have maxed. The same will go for Shiny SB Mewtwo, which going by the current shiny trend will be very rare. IF -and only IF- I get a good one and max it, it will be only because of its shiny status. So… yeah…

Which one of you have 6 maxed out shadowball m2 + 6 maxed out psystrike m2? Anyone? There are people who don’t give a … about useless archeus or other useless new bosses. I prefer shadowball m2 than darkrai even it will come eventually anyway.

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I will raid Giratina-A to accumulate candies so that when Giratina-O returns, I can get a better one and need less Rare Candy to max it out.

Mewtwo is the most iconic and popular legendary in the entire series. Regigigas would sell far fewer raid passes.

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Nonsense, everybody (who can or want to) do legendary raids, so shiny SB M2 is a big content and money maker. A Giratina is completely useless for those who don’t try hard PVP, less money for Niantic.

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Giratina candy is Giratina candy - I’ll raid either form for the candy, even if G-O is the only form I’ll invest in.


You know that all your reasons are buried by the simple idea of CASUALS LOVE SHINIES and casual represent (exaggerating) 99% of the player base.