Why the hate on haxorus?

why all people insist that haxorus is one of the losers with dragon claw when, acording to gamepress calculator, it only lose 0.9 DPS against rayquaza, 0.8 against a outrage version of himself and 0.5 againts outrage salamence, the current two best dragon DPS in the game ( that will be outclased with black kyurem when it is released)?

Haxorus would be a supreme Dragon attacker if it got Outrage, but it didn’t. That’s why people aren’t happy. But yes, it’s still perfectly serviceable with Dragon Claw.

Because if it’s not perfect it’s basically trash In the eyes of most people. That’s not going to stop me from evolving one and waiting to see if it gets a community day and possibly get that outrage People feel it needs to be “relevent”

look at the table, the diference between dragon claw and outrage version of himself is ridiculous low, for me it doesn’t make any sense at all

Rather than tunnel vision on DPS, check out that TDO difference. Salamence with Draco Meteor has a huge TDO lead over the fictitious Haxorus w/ Outrage. There was an opportunity to push Haxorus towards a glass cannon Dragon-type, where its low TDO would be compensated by DPS only 0.1 off of Rayquaza. Now it has both lower TDO and DPS than Salamence.

Bagon CD wasn’t that long ago, so a majority of players have multiple CD Salamence that require no further investment.

This doesn’t mean Haxorus is trash, not at all. Just means it’s slightly harder to justify spending time & resources on one. If you love Haxorus as much as I do, you’ll power one or two up anyways.


i dont have tunel vision with the DPS/TDO, i dont like the minmaxers that if something isn’t perfect is trash, the oposite, in this case it could be that having a 3-bar charged move make him better than both rayquaza and salamence, because is almost imposible to waste energy and getting a lot of more charge moves hitting the enemy. All this analisis of DPS/TDO are almost always in the vacumm and you dont play there, you play in a place where you are hitted and gain energy because of that, that energy will make that you fire more charged moves.

It’s perfectly fine to not play by the min/max mindset and not let numbers entirely rule how you play. With Dragon Claw, Haxorus has the ability to use charge moves at a much greater speed, while also dodging incoming charge moves easier. It’s absolutely useable, and I’ll probably end up powering one up at some point.

That said, it really doesn’t have a chance of coming anywhere near Rayquaza, Salamence, or our upcoming Dragon Overlord, Black Kyurem, in DPS. It has lower bulk than both Rayquaza and Salamence, and in PvE, Dragon Claw just isn’t as powerful a move as Outrage. One Outrage is slightly over 2x more powerful than a Dragon Claw, and since Haxorus doesn’t exactly have stellar bulk, it won’t survive long enough to spam enough Dragon Claws to outperform Outrage. Plus, Rayquaza and Salamence typically won’t be wasting energy, since Outrage is a 2-bar move. That’s far more of a risk for the one-bar move users.

Again, Haxorus isn’t bad. Far from it, in fact. It’s not like it’s the second coming of Aggron in raids. It’s perfectly useable. If you like it, you should use it, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Unfortunately though, there really isn’t a realistic or reliable situation where it will actually outperform Rayquaza or Salamence in either DPS or TDO. The numbers, movesets, and base stats just don’t support it.

but in not saying that haxorus is the best of the best, but why almost all people treat like trash when is not trash, only a little and not so far worse version of the, right now, better options in the game.

Honestly, in my opinion, anyone who says Haxorus is trash is being a biiiit elitist, because it totally isn’t. Suicune, Slaking, and the Regis are trash, and Haxorus is definitely leagues better than they are.

Usually, however, most people have to choose what they power-up carefully, as Stardust is often a limiting factor for players. As a result, people will often opt for the best-of-the-best options as the places where they invest their Stardust. There are some exceptions to this, like Origin Giratina. It deals lower DPS than Gengar, but with significantly higher bulk, its TDO is high enough that its worth sacrificing a small amount of DPS.

Haxorus falls below that top threshold just enough in both DPS and TDO, that some people will forego it in favor of another Mon that can squeeze out just a bit more damage.

The point I really want to drive home though is that if you choose to invest in Haxorus, you’re not making a bad choice. It may not be the top option out there, but it’s still very powerful and will perform well. If you like it and you’ll have fun using it, then go for it! I have a maxed out Latios that I absolutely love using, and he’s waaaaay lower on the Dragon DPS list than Haxorus. Nothing wrong with giving fun some priority. :grin:

Because it is just another dragon. Due to the high attack stat and the consistency of Dragon Claw it’s not hurt that much by it, but it’s almost certain that it will be a CD species and will get a move upgrade then. The CD version will be better and futher more won’t be the TM hell that the normal version is, which has next to dragon claw three other charge mvoes that have no synergy amongs each other.

Outrage is sometimes slow or inconvinient if you HAVE to dodge. I cannot count how many times I lost a Garchomp or Rayquaza because a Blissey was using Dazzling Gleam in the exact moment I was using Outrage; In that case the Blissey DG is seemingly undodgable AND it will kill the Dragons in 2 hits.

But then, why not use Latios?

Also I thought Dragons were not a good idea to face Blissey. Metagross does better.

Latios still doesn’t do that much damage actually.

Latios has the same DPS as Machamp BTW, Haxorus is on the 40s or something.

I see a couple of potential saving graces for Haxorus.

First, it’s a pure Dragon type, the first fully-evolved usable one of its kind, which means it might be better in certain matchups, that would otherwise we bad news for some of its peers. No weakness to Rock, or double-weakness to Ice, for example. There is Druddigon in the same gen - almost the same bulk, but far lower attack, and generally too low to be considered viable.

Secondly, unlike the other big Dragons, these guys are not legendary or pseudo-legendary. This may make them easier to acquire, and possibly even may nest or be a common spawn in some areas, which could be especially beneficial to the more casual players.

They’re probably trashing the Pokémon because it’s not almighty Rayquaza or big guy Salamence. Really might be just a preference from people, IDK. Haxorus is great in his own way, don’t mind the haters

Because it’s a 4th rate Dragon, and everyone has multiple powered up versions of the top tier dragons?

Because it’s going to be outclassed by it’s self when it gets it’s likely CD?

Because Kyurem makes ANY investment in it a waste?

Sorry your favorite Pokémon isn’t beloved by the masses but frankly it’s trash… not because it’s got bad stats or horrible moves… but because it’s redundant and nobody has a need for another just okay Dragon…

It’s the usual legendary vs non-legendary in terms of rare candy and/or buddy distance investment.

Being glassier than salamence doesn’t help either.

It seems to be the case that all mons are trash unless legendary, which basically makes every mon a new player can get their hands on trash!? Another Gen release another load of big mons available for the big players.
F**k em, use what you like and if you get the chance, piggy back a raid in the hope of getting a “non trash” mon.

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The 5th gen isn’t helping with that mentality. The legendaries are so OP. Look at ground and electric types; Zekrom and landerous don’t just take the top spot, they blow it out of the water. It’s not preference like raikou vs electivire.