Why the Rising rush is a broken mechanic

More of me wanting to vent somewhere, but also discussing about the Rising Rush in general, and why it is now just so broken. This is also coming from someone who started when DBL - 5 characters was being released (I think it was around then), so I’ll be explaining why it was somewhat fine in the past.

Current Rising Rush (and general knowledge)

So first lets look at the current Rising Rush, depending on who you are against, the enemy can get the Rising Rush anywhere between 15 - 30 timer counts, after each rising rush you have a lower chance to get the dragon balls. However it is possible to have two rising rushes occur in the same game, and very rarely you could get three.

On use the rising rush is an almost unstoppable attack, bypassing any card attack except for ranged blue card/Ultimate’s or a well timed melee blue card/green card/ultimate’s (you need to be right on top of them and use it just before they rising rush), or use your own Rising Rush to enter a clash.

When the rising rush hits, the character that triggered it will attack, both players pick a card and the defender has to match it to win (this part is the standard which doesn’t need explaining). Against most characters the rising rush will always kill due to the high damage caused by the final hit, the only exception being if the character is a advantageous defence type with sustained damage at high health or a Zenkai advantageous against a non Zenkai at high health. However they will be left at very low health.

If the defender wins then they will counter with an attack that will deal around the same damage with a winning strike clash against that character, then resets the game back to neutral.

All cards are used up by the attack after the rising rush.

Old Rising Rush

Now the old system. It’s basically the same in terms of getting them, except it usually took slightly longer. Around 25 - 45 timer counts before you could use it. The attacks that counter it are also the same.

When you attack however they changed it so that all the characters in battle (that were still alive) would perform an attack, if you had only two members then the character that initiated it would attack twice while the other party member would attack once. The order the cards were used was also random so knowing who would use which card was hard.

Due to all the characters attacking, advantage, disadvantage and neutral damage could end up applying to the defender resulting in slightly less damage.

Winning still had the same effect as it does now, however it was much more possible for any character to survive at max, while defence types could survive at around half health.

If the defender won when picking a card, then they would counter and then be able to follow up instantly with a card and combo the enemy.

Why is it Broken?

So, the main reason the Rising Rush is broken comes down to the tweaks made to it and the overall changes to characters.
Increases in draw speed and some instant card draws allow for better card cycling, the increase to overall Ki recovery speed also helps as the older units had very slow Ki recovery, resulting in more time charging.

There’s also the fact that their is no downside to using it now, before it was because you use up all cards in your hand and failing the attack resulted in getting hit by a combo. The many draw speed increases negate the card issue and the fact that failing it actually gives the attacker a free vanish, so people use it much more often.

Finally is just due to overall character power, the many increases to characters overtime and major buffs to others made it so the Rising Rush damage is just insane and is almost always a guaranteed K.O.

Potential fixes?

Now simply removing the mechanic with the dragon balls would not be good as it would make certain characters abilities no longer relevant, so that concept needs to stay, also removing the power it provides completely would lead to problems with Co-Op and certain events being much harder to complete.
So here are my two main ideas for what could happen.

1) Outcome comes earlier

Simply have the outcome for the Rising Rush occur at the start, so if the defender wins any damage they take would occur from when the Rising Rush first hits, rather then after all the damage caused by the caused occur. It would also give it a minor risk to use with you potentially using up all four cards only to fail and deal damage equivalent to a single strike card.
It would be a simple change which half fixes the problem… but not a lot.

2) A buff/debuff mechanic

For this it would have the same charge in and pick a card, if the attacker wins they get in one more attack which resets both players to neutral, but the attacker receives a few buffs to damage inflicted, reduced damage received and Ki recovery. The increase could be similar to Zenkai abilities of around 40%. This would last about 15-20 timer counts. Your allies receive only 20% increases, so you would need to carefully choose who to engage with.

However if the defender wins, they perform a counter which resets both to neutral, causing the enemy to receive some debuffs. It would be the same as the buffs however it’s a 20% decrease for the character that initiated it and 10% for allies.
Not a major decrease but still noticeable and causes some punishment for failing.

It would also still work somewhat fine for Co-Op and events, the only issue really being the missions to deal a certain amount of damage. But this could be reworked to be the total damage inflicted while under the buff effects.

And for Co-Op, performing it at the same time would allow both players to receive the Buff at 60% if they chose different cards and 100% if they chose the same cards.

That’s all

I know that posting this won’t really change anything, but this was just to slightly vent in my own way about how bad the mechanic is without sounding like some toxic player.

Didn’t help that I was in a game using some “low tier” characters against an girls team with Zenkai Android 18, Zenkai Android 21 and Zenkai Super 17. Beating them heavily, and they rising Rush me twice within 20 timer counts of each other, meanwhile I didn’t even use mine. But it just made me more determined to post this.

That’s a pretty informative post. It is unfortunate that no one will even read it.

Do you have discord btw. I know a pretty good server and you seem like a nice person.

Not sure if you’ll see this, but yes I do have a discord. If there is a server to join I’ll have a look.

I’ll still be posting stuff here though, despite it not being active, some people do occasionally check it. (And it’s the best place I can find to post some informative stuff.)

Just saw your message. Hadn’t been here since a few days and the day I visited the site, Bam! Your message showed up.
I will send you the link.